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YouTube subscriber is someone who has chosen to “follow” your channel and your content, so they can stay updated with your latest videos. In essence, a subscriber can become a raving fan who watches, comments and shares your videos with others.

Here are the simple tricks to increase your YouTube views and subscribers.

1. Technical ways for YouTube Success

There are many small, however essential steps you would like to take to make sure your YouTube content gets the utmost attention. Take the thumbnail image as an example. Within the split second’s time, once viewers have to decide which video they’re going to watch, your thumbnail image might be the ultimate game changer — this a little however necessary point to remember whenever you upload a new video.

Similarly, there are several tiny steps you can take to increase the number of subscribers for your channel. For example, finish cards with a large Subscribe button will subtly motivate your viewer to subscribe to your channel.

Allowing embedding can even mean more exposure, which might eventually lead to more subscribers.

2. It’s all in the numbers

As a content seller and planner, you should be able to predict how a video can do, and tools like tubular help you do just that.

If you know what will work and what won’t for you, you may churn out higher and better content, and it’s the number one way to tempt your audience back to your channel once more.

3. The power of Influencer Videos

No matter which business you’re in, several vloggers and influencers may assist you in gaining more subscribers, and there are several places where you’ll be able to find YouTube influencers.

Influencer marketing allows you to piggyback on influencers’ fame and see an instant jump in your numbers. If you’re not using this shortcut to bump up your subscription count, you might be missing out on a great opportunity.

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