Why Magento is the Best Software to Develop an e-commerce Website?

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While there are multiple platforms to create your digital presence and make a website that is ideally accessible to your customers, Magento is the only platform that provides you with a comprehensive solution for your designing requirements. If you intend to build an e-commerce website from scratch, Magento should be your first choice.

While it is one of the seamless platforms that allows you to make customized designs according to your convenience, it serves you with a plethora of benefits. While many frameworks support the development of e-commerce websites, Magento is the most preferred one among them.

Here are a few reasons why it gets more attention than any other framework.

Easy customization facility

When it comes to e-commerce websites, each one of it is different from the other. The products vary from one platform to another. So, for every product page, there should be a unique design that would create a visual appeal for the audience. Magento offers you a detailed list of customized options that can be explored while designing your website. At the end of the day, what matters the most is the visual experience for the website visitors.

SEO friendly structure

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in establishing the presence of a particular website in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In spite of having great content, your website might not be adequately indexed in search engines which would hurt the ranking of your site in the search results. Website professionals integrate SEO plugins and tools in the e-commerce websites that accomplish the sole purpose of boosting their search engine rankings. Magento supports all the necessary techniques required for maintaining a strong URL structure with a powerful meta-implementation feature. Duplicate content, page traffic, indexing, landing pages are efficiently managed.

Mobile-friendly design

In the contemporary world, the number of people accessing the internet through smartphones is relatively higher than the number of people accessing the internet through desktop or tablets. Magento enables mobile-friendly, accessible designs for your website which can be easily accessible from a smartphone. With a mobile-friendly interface, more people are likely to browse your site from their smartphones. This is one way of expanding your audience and reaching out to masses.

Faster loading time

customers have the least patience to sit and wait for a website that takes millions of seconds to load. Whenever that happens, they switch to your competitors. With Magento, your website is easily-navigable and browsing time for each page gets diminished. The average page loading time for a Magento website is only 2 seconds, provided the site has been optimized sufficiently. It delivers a streamlined browsing experience to your audience. It helps you to retain your buyers, and people will come again and again to shop products from your website.

Flexible payment options

Magento, being a self-hosted eCommerce platform, you don’t have to worry about the payment as there is nothing to pay extra for availing any service. Unlike SAAS based applications, you have to pay anything extra on a monthly, or yearly basis for using any service of Magento.

Add-on facilities

Magento is an open-source tool that allows the programmers to alter the code according to the design requirements. Magento provides relevant themes for every business that suits their rectitude. It provides the largest marketplace of extensions that help the website designers to customize the e-commerce website according to the recommendations by the client. It offers multiple payment gateways to the store-owner for collecting payments from their clients. Magento websites are accessible through the leading internet browsers, and the reliable PHP framework of Magento facilitates the designers to create a website that caters to the needs of every customer. It is powered with a multi-layered navigation feature for a convenient and satisfying shopping experience. Other features of Magento include Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support, one step checkout, advanced statistical report etc.

For developing a fully functional e-commerce Store, Magento is always a desirable option that gives you the freedom of customizing codes and build a customer-centric website for your business. It has an efficient vendor management system that tracks and records the sales from every vendor. You can effectively manage a massive database of sellers, customers, and products. Therefore, you are planning to kickstart your own e-commerce business, choose Magento as the software for your website.

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