What’s in store for Social Media Players in 2018

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2018 is slated to see Indian companies investing heavily in influencer marketing which will majorly be
actioned through online platform, as that’s where the customers are feeding their information hunger
now-a- days. If you are also exploring the online platform for promoting your brand or service then here
are a few important elements of online promotions which you should take a note of:
LinkedIn: While most of the social media giants have been showing a steady rise in their membership
registration, LinkedIn has been growing in terms of quality and quantity. Having an account on LinkedIn
has topped the things in the must-have bucket. Corporates have been encouraging their employees to
register on this platform and connect with prospective clients. LinkedIn has been busy making
improvements to its advertising platform in 2017 in order to enhance the look and feel as well as bring
out an improved user interface. These changes are being noticed by the B2B and B2C brands and their
budget allocations for promotions on LinkedIn have increased.
Instagram: In 2017, Instagram announced that it had approximately 800 million followers. Their new
tool Instagram Stories played a huge part in increasing its followers as well as making Instagram
mainstream. It left snapchat behind. Instagram expects more snapchat members shift to its platform
this year. Instagram has also been finding itself getting a fair share of the brand promotion budgets. This
emerging social media player is seeing increasing number of B2C brands engaging with their target
audiences on its platform. Instagram is expected to see more traction in 2018.
Twitter: Twitter has seen a stagnant growth in 2017 and it is expected to remain flat in 2018. Although
the brand tried to resist new players on social media like Instagram, snapchat etc. by doubling its
character limitation from 140 to 280. But it didn’t help the tweet giant much in increasing its customer
base. There is very little efforts being put by the brand to appeal to the advertisers, hence they are
rightfully shying away from Twitter.
In 2018, we may see new entrants on the social media platform and we may also see some existing
players become giants in their own might. Let’s wait and see what the year has in store for these social
media brands, its followers and the advertisers.

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