Want to Write Brilliant Content? These 8 Tools Will Help You Out

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Content marketing is a strategic marketing initiative that focuses on authoring and distributing valuable, pertinent,reliable and consistent content to attract and preserve a well-defined audience and drive profitable response from their actions. Content marketing is an ideal way to cater to a broad set of a target audience to make your brand authoritative and readily available for the audience.

Although content marketing works brilliantly for some brands, it is not as easy as it looks. Building an effective content marketing strategy can be highly challenging and requires serious work.

But, before even going for stealth mode in content marketing, we need to craft a superb content with all the information. If your content is going flat, then the content marketing tools will not be able to play their respective roles in popularising your content.

Hence, you need to get hold of some of the best tools for content writing and content idea generation.

Here is a compiled list of tools that will enhance the quality of your content and may also help you in generating ideas for your content.

Best Tools for Content Ideas

Do not know on what topic to write about?Get assistance from the below-mentioned tools that will offer you variable ideas for your blog.


This excellent research tool helps in finding out the relevant content pieces based on the topic. This tool not only helps you to search for content but also helps you in identifying key influencers in a specific region.


The tool is designed to offer flawless experience to the users. It provides you with feeds of all your favourite blogs/topics in one dashboard. It aids in content marketing initiatives and helps you to identify what are the trending ideas for writing engaging content.

Twitter Trending Topics

It gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the trending topics all around the world. As a content creator, you should not waste a single opportunity to use the section of Twitter Trending Topics. It serves information about the most up-to-date topics. You can even employ hashtag searches for the content relevant.


This great app collects and shares content from multiple sources in one go. It features thousands of magazines covering diverse topics from where you can absorb the best ideas for your campaign or strategy. 

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