Video Remarketing in 2019- How it Works and Best Practices

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We are standing in 2019 and being in the digital marketing domain; we get the opportunity to juggle around with various tools required for marketing activities across multiple channels. One such avenue is Google. Alongside the word, ‘marketing’, another important called ‘remarketing’ has become familiar with us. Google first launched Adwords Remarketing tool way back in 2010. It has been almost over 9 years, and the tool has been boosted with enhanced capabilities and functions that add a new dimension to the entire world of remarketing.

From retargeting users who previously visited your website to employing Google Analytics for Dynamic Remarketing, the plethora of offered functionalities have strategically assisted the marketers in designing remarketing by putting into life the most brilliant practices. The whole canvas of Remarketing has evolved into the next phase with the introduction of retargeting your audience through YouTube videos.

How Video Remarketing Works?

Before even getting your hands dirty in video remarketing, a designated remarketing list can be essentially created from a single channel or videos within a single channel. One the list gets created, remarketing lists are combined to form a custom audience to be reached. For example, if you are promoting a new mobile cover, you can effectively merge individual remarketing lists to cater to a custom audience who might have viewed your mobile cover ads in the past but have never seen your new Video Ad that promotes your new product. In this way, innumerable remarketing lists can be generated. As a marketer, you can also create default copies of the same list or Google can produce the same for you.

Video remarketing lists are principally used for targeting Standard text Ads or image Ads across the Google Search and Google Display Network.

Smart Practices for Video Remarketing

Video remarketing is a robust way of pulling back your prospective leads. You can easily reach out to your customers who had once shown interest in your brand but never completed a transaction.

Here are some ways with the help of which you can target your potential audience

Customer Retention Through Loyalty Rewards

For retaining customers, you need your audience to be emotionally engaged with your brand. One super way of doing this is by customising the image designs of the ads you are showing. As a brand, you must offer discounts and rewards to existing customers. This will ensure loyalty boost within the prevailing customers of your product.

Cross-sell already existing customers

One sophisticated way of selling linked products is by putting customised creatives on an exhibition in front of the potential customers. Users often get connected with the associated product available online. For example, to an existing customer of Shavers, you might show a shaving cream advertisement.

Be Slow and Steady While Doing Remarketing

Start retargeting users who saw the first video of a series and so on. This would give a significant jump in the viewing rates of your videos. One fantastic approach to entice your audience is by incorporating the art of story-telling within your videos.

Use Remarketing for Targeting

Try to consider Remarketing as your option for targeting. Other targeting options might put a cap on your reach. Utilising more than 1 targeting method creates a blockade on showing unique impressions since the entire count gets exhausted within no time.

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