Tools you Probably didn’t know about that help in making content writing easier

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It is wonderful to see the many features technology offers to make our lives easier. Even the activities that exist due to digital advancements are helped by digital technology itself. Content writing is more than just writing for pleasure; it involves creating content that is not only engaging but also helps in building a brand. To make sure you hit the bull’s eye, there are a few tools that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t know about these before. 

  1. Keyword Planner

A major part of content writing is using the right keywords. Once you enter your topic in Google’s Keyword Planner, it spouts up a list of keywords that will help in generating the best results. They help you in choosing the ones based on popularity, trends, competition, etc.

  1. Blog Topic Generator

Thinking of a topic or main theme is often the most difficult part of writing. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator helps you by giving ideas of what your main title could be. It thus saves a lot of time that otherwise goes into brainstorming. 

  1. Hemingway Editor

Content must be easy-to-read as users often get turned off by pieces that require a lot of focus to understand. Hemingway Editor goes through your write-up and marks out complicated sentences or unnecessarily long ones to make the article more readable.

  1. Readable

Statistically, 85% of the public will read your article only if it has a readability level of lower than grade 8. Readability is simply how decipherable and easy to understand your text is. You can post the link or an entire article in the box here to find out the readability level so that you can fine-tune your piece later accordingly.

  1. Spellcheck

Spellcheck is one of the oldest and most reliable editors to check your spellings and essentially proof-read the entire piece, coupled with Grammarly. Apart from this basic function, it also provides a Thesaurus and Dictionary for peppering you writing with synonyms and antonyms.

  1. One tab

Research for content writing projects can sometimes get confusing in the way that one has to constantly juggle between tabs. In such a case, Onetab, a free Chrome extension, will convert all your tabs into a single list of links, easy for future reference as well. 

There are several other such tools that help in content writing, however, these are the most highly recommended ones from our side, covering all aspects of the skill. You can thank us later!

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