The difference between blogging and content marketing

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Content Marketing is a whole other beast. To the untrained eye, the content may resemble the content. But to these in the thick of it, the distinction between blogging and Content Marketing becomes quite clear.

In general, Content Marketing operations are more critical in scale than a single blog post. The content is also commonly used in a much more combined way. It can further drive support and foster backlinks. Even Digital PR does the element to create stories, with journalists using branded content in a substantial part of their articles. By selling into critical influencers in your industry, you can bring organic links to your site and get the prizes in the form of bolstered SEO, brand recognition and traffic to your site.

This could take the kind of an industry-relevant e-book, an infographic, data design or even a valuable tool. By building these resources, you’re giving readers something that they can use while at the same time, interesting to the buyer in them. Typically, this content doesn’t directly support the brand’s product or service at all but instead seeks to help and enjoy topics that establish what’s being marketed.

The plan, according to the Content Marketing Institute, is to produce consistent and compelling content concentrating on different stages of the marketing funnel, from brand awareness to brand evangelism. This can be achieved through various methods and kinds of content which are then sold through an open approach, and the effects observed. One point to keep in thought is that a content marketing campaign needs much more preparation and thought, as well as an in-depth review after the fact.

When choosing to create a Content Marketing campaign, retain to question yourself, ‘who am I appealing to?’, ‘what are my metrics for success?’ and ‘what do I require this content to achieve?’ This will help you to produce some fantastic content that not only looks unusual but changes.

Blogging and Content Marketing are two distinct forms of branded content, but they aren’t commonly exclusive. Both are necessary, and both serve a different role when addressing clients. When summed up, blogging strives to showcase a brand’s personality, while Content Marketing seeks to generate interest through useful data.

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