Social Media: Is both a blessing and a curse, All depends upon you

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Social Media has not only reshaped communication enterprise but has also redefined how we interact and talk. Social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. frequently involve people in some of the other activity and gather people to grow on the bandwagon of trending projects.

We have included it so tenaciously that social media is now an essential part of our lives. It is sweeping across geology, applications and almost every field. Not only individuals but also companies, governments are using social media platforms for regular engagement with the masses. Though social media offers a global stage to share and show, its constant commitment is changing individual potency, relationships and community as a whole.

A positive force

  • Social Media gives a global platform to show one’s views and ideas without any bookings.
  • It allows immediate communication with friends and family and automatically gives up to date news, also known as “statuses” while enabling us to find new people to join.
  • Social media is a cost-effective purchasing and branding tool. It has produced a standard shift in the way brands advertise and market commodities.
  • Social media has produced new avenues for education and job work which never existed before the coming of social media.
  • Governments of many nations are leveraging social media to connect with the residents and to earn their living, ideas and views on strategies for efficient governance. Utilization of Social Media for the overall election by Prime Minister Narendra Modi played an essential role in his victory.

A distraction and hinderance

  • While many users feel their data is secure on social networking sites because they have set high levels of safety frames, research advises this is not the case.
  • Social media sites can make it more challenging for us to differentiate between the significant relationships we cultivate in the real world, and the many casual relationships developed through social media.
  • While on the surface, it seems, social networking makes people together over the Internet, in a more widespread sense, it may create a social withdrawal.
  • While many companies use social networking sites to find and interact with clients, the sites also prove a great disturbance to workers who may show more interest in what their friends are posting than in their work assignments.
  • Cyberbullying is a different growing trend among social media websites.
  • Addiction to social media results in various adverse health impacts such as strain, eye problems, fatigue, distress etc.
  • Even terrorist groups like al Qaeda and ISIS use social media to expand their propaganda and also polarize people.
  • With the increase of social media, the average concentration span of humans has decreased to 8 seconds, and the place is graver for millennial.

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