Run an Online Ministry with the help of an OVP

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‘An online ministry needs an OVP’

If the congregation of your ministry is online rather than in person, what you need is an online video platform or OVP. This will make it easier to concentrate on what you were meant to say, rather than spending your time wrangling with a website. A right OVP will have enough room for as many sermons and supplemental materials as you wish to create.

Use your analytics to learn about your audience

No minister can be effective unless he or she knows something about the people he or she is talking to. The mistakes a younger audience needs to be warned against are not the mistakes an audience of senior citizens is likely to make. (Usually.) The poor are subject to different, not to mention fewer, temptations than the rich, and although they are often surprisingly generous, they’re still more likely to need charity than to have it asked of them. And of course, there are those problems that tend to be localised in specific communities.

If you’re ministering to a congregation in person, you start out knowing a lot of this and quickly learn the rest. But when you have a congregation of thousands or tens of thousands, and you only appear to them online, not only are they likely to be more diverse — and therefore have a greater variety of needs and concerns to address — but it’s harder to learn anything about them. Even if your audience has a specific area of interest, in a world as big as this that still leaves a lot of possibilities.

You can learn about them by listening to their feedback — e-mails from registered members of your online congregation. This helps a little, but the members of any group of people willing to speak up are never quite a representative cross-section. You can learn more by mastering your OVP’s analytics. This tells you what they watch most, how they view it, where they go to see it (YouTube, social media, your website), whether they binge-watch it or watch it regularly, and so on.

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