Recent Happenings in Cloud Computing

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The cloud computing practice involves a pool of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Cloud computing represents a paradigm shift from the traditional way of businesses exploiting IT resources. As the name suggests, it delivers ciphering services related to servers, storage, databases, networking, intelligence, analytics and more over the internet to facilitate innovations at an accelerated rate with the involvement of flexible resources in a cost-effective way. The client needs to pay only for the cloud services they use, helping them to curtail their operational expenses, manage their infrastructure adroitly, and scale the business as per the industry needs.

2018 has been the year of advancements in the field of cloud computing and specifically, the second has witnessed some of the significant developments being taken place in India and abroad.

Alibaba Introduced Cloud MVP Program

The Alibaba Cloud MVP program is devised to discover and reward those talents who are impassioned and knowledgeable about cloud technology. The MVP program commissioned by Amazon has extended its exposure to 16 regions, ensuring more than 200 professionals from various technical domains to brush their knowledge on cloud technology. These professionals belong to key industries like IoT, Fintech, A.I, Big Data, VR, genetic sequencing, and cloud security. The IT professionals are dedicated to teaching others how to decode the hardcore complexities of the technology and get the most value out of Alibaba Cloud technologies.

Cloud Computing Jobs in India on the Rise

While the US and China are heavily banking on cloud technology, India is taking giant strides of progress in the world of cloud computing. India expects to witness a surge in more than one million cloud computing job roles by 2022 as organisations are shifting their operations to the cloud infrastructure. The Indian cloud computing market is currently valued at $2.2 billion with the expectation of growing to $4 billion by 2020 with an annual growth rate of more than 30%. Cloud computing jobs require skills in DevOps such as software services, infra services, automation, agile, and software-defined networks. Jobs with profiles such as Cloud Architect, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Enterprise Architect and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer will be in high demand in the coming days, and such roles will be offered higher salary packages than the traditional IT service jobs.

The Partnership Between Cisco and Cloud Clients Gains Momentum

One of the biggest networking gear manufacturers and suppliers, Cisco Systems, has partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide with software tools that would make it streamlined for the customers to utilise Amazon’s data centres for running their business applications. Cisco supplied networking products such as routers and switches that transfer data across multiple computer networks. Cisco is aimed at generating more revenue from cloud technology and stay connecting to the long-time business clients like Amazon, Alphabet’s Google Cloud unit or Microsoft’s Azure who are doing excellent work in cloud computing.

VMware Targets Cloud Technology Market in India

VMware, the platform virtualisation software and services company, targets a $1-billion opportunity in India to assist companies in hosting and managing their applications across a multitude of cloud networks. The company employs a single software suite to bridge the private and public cloud environments. This software virtualisation layer between apps and infrastructure lends support to the companies in controlling their assets across multiple clouds. VMware is focussed on building an on-premise cloud with the sole objective of provisioning specific workloads in the public cloud (AWS). In recent times, business institutions are looking for multiple partners to run the same applications on a private cloud and navigate between different public clouds. In the beginning, the prevailing cloud frameworks should be modernised to make them scalable

Infosys Partners with Google for Cloud Services Delivery

The Indian Software giant, Infosys, is all set to offer on-demand scalable services and solutions to executive clients globally on the search engine’s Google cloud platform. The partnership with Google is initiated for developing cloud transformation and migration services with the purpose of helping enterprises transform their businesses into flexible ones. The IT powerhouse has coded

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions on the Google platform to program the data supply chain such as analytics workbench.

Google Ties-up with Accenture for Cloud Solutions

Google has entered into a strategic alliance with Accenture to help commercial institutions build tailored cloud solutions as per the industry needs and standards. They collaborated to form the Accenture Google Business Group (AGBG) that will provide cloud solutions to clients from retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and healthcare with a common goal of expanding to more industries in the future. The AGBG aims cloud experts will help companies in building advances business procedures incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) based approaches into the framework for creating new value across the organisation.

The Indian States Embracing Cloud Technology at a Faster Speed

When cloud adoption is considered, the Indian state governments are quickly transferring their workloads and assignments to the AWS cloud platform. The tech-savvy people in India are not lagging and are well aware of the advantages of cloud computing and its capabilities. Startups have already embraced the cloud computing practice, and it was time for the government sectors to put the impetus on popularising cloud computing. The buzz was already created in 2016, and it took around two years for the entire transformation to happen.

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