Points to think when designing a mobile app

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Thought proofing

First and foremost, before you begin completing your idea, ask yourself: “Is your statement going to be an answer to a challenge that someone is currently suffering?” This is also the point that some amateur starts uppers make a different mistake: they forget to take into thought the fact that the startup market has been for quite a while now.

Target readers

Just because you’ve got a bright idea for your future mobile app; it doesn’t ensure victory. Three words can turn the situation around. Try “know your readers.” Most of the designs are targeted to a particular task or purpose rather than specific viewers. The target audience grows significant only at the stage of forming the marketing plan. But you shouldn’t minimize your target readers. In the end, it’s certain people who are liable for your app’s development.

Mobile platforms

As you can see by now, whether your mobile application is going to be successful depends on many factors. One such portion is the mobile platform that you’ll be concentrating on. In the world of mobile plans, Android and iOS are still the most popular operating modes today, and the choice bubbles down to these two.


Today’s users live link on their mobile applications more and more. If their applications glitch for some plan, chances are they’ll uninstall them. With that said, having a fast database is crucial when it comes to the performance of your app.

Choosing the database, you should consider several parts. Here are some of the most famous ones:

  • Data structure
  • Size of data to be collected
  • Speed and scalability
  • Approachability of data
  • Safety and preservation of data

Receiving Cash

In our modern society, online shopping and e-commerce have become an integral part of our lives. Sadly, while E-commerce and apps have become more and more complex, mail distribution operatives seem to have grown more and denser in their sense of ‘’a safe place to move your package’’.

Yet, still, we trust them, and again, we shop. That’s the leading idea developers started combining payment gateways into their applications. This enabled customers to pay for various goods and services immediately.

Don’t underestimate the real value of payment gateway built into your application. This is an assisting hand in giving sales to the moon, according to the fact that now, making instalments is a piece of yummy cake.


The amount of individual info kept on mobile devices these days is mind-boggling. From the exact position and popular places to bank accounts and passwords — our smartphones have converted a real gold mine of data that many would like to get their fingers on. In the knowledge of this, the issue of data security has never been so important — for both users and developers alike.

Even though safety has significantly increased in recent years, it is still an actively discussed topic, with good intention. If you get it mistaken and something goes incorrect, you can observe yourself fall and light right there. It’s one of the top concerns you need to have on your list.


Historically, a free form design offers specific requests for designers. Having built a good plan, you’ll bring transparency to the interface and eliminate all obstacles from the user. Here are some bits of advice for creating an intuitive layout. As a result, you’ll have an excellent mobile design capable of growing and retaining your viewers.

Content is your interface. Try to get rid of any additional elements that don’t support users’ abilities. Having reduced disturbances, you’ll enable users to concentrate on the content they’re watching too.

Adopt a single information field, whenever possible. When you perform two, three or even more areas as well as giving users switch between various input modes; they’ll reject your application due to the terrible user activity caused by all the apps that split data into multiple fields and create failure.


Receiving an application is more than building excellent user expertise. In addition to creating a product that your target viewers want, it’s also about getting sure that the application can bring you value for further growth. The earlier you’ll be able to get this profit, the quicker you can get the functionality of your app and, thus, make it fit for the users.

Monetization and Beyond

With open source being the commanding force in the software world, there is a tiny wonder that online shoppers are used to producing most of the information on the Internet for free. In that case, what are the possibilities for monetizing your app if the clients aren’t happy about leaving with their money? Well, here are some of them that you should consider in the first place:

  • In-App billing
  • In-App obtaining
  • Paid app download

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