Necessary steps to start your Android Development journey 

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Mastering any new technology can be a challenging and frustrating job. When I first began studying Android development, I consumed a lot of time learning the official documentation provided by Google, and watching several tutorials over and over again, trying to remember all the language. After a while, I understood that this was a total waste of time. The quickest way to get anything is by performing.

In this report, here are some of the lessons I learned on my way on growing an expert in Android development, and the necessary steps I took when working to make my first app.

Here are six steps to creating your first app – the lessons I received while executing.

1: Read the docs!

It may seem cliche, but the first impression you should take while getting anything is to read the first sections of the standard documentation. This is particularly true when the producers of said technology allow such high-quality documentation.

2: Make something

As early as you understand the basics, you should be using this information right away. Do this by growing up with a single idea. Your idea should be easy enough so that it doesn’t require complex back-ends or graphics processing.

It additionally doesn’t need to be something that will give you money each. It just has to be a single idea that you can perform with the necessary information about Android development that you’ve observed from the initial step.

3: Read the docs

After you’re done creating your first basic app, I suggest you go over the documentation over. This might seem like a loss of time, but if you re-read it, you’ll know just how much you’ve learned during this process.

You’ll also get the opportunity to study at the documentation with a fresh outlook and far broader context than when you initially set out. Things that didn’t make insight at first will be bright. You’ll start to learn how everything works and why which will, in turn, start increasing your self-confidence in the conversation.

4: Have Patience

The key to mastering anything is to have self-control. Even if you’re an expert programmer, it takes time to get different technologies. I understand how limited I know when I eventually jump in and start developing ideas.

The key is to keep on working, and never, ever give up. Keep making stuff, keep pointing to the documentation and keep seeking new inventive ways to get things transmitted.

5: Document Your Profession

One way that has served me massively during the years has been to keep a secret “codebase” (i.e. database) of code parts, observations and data. This will help you get things done as fast as you go.

6: Know where and how to get advice

With Android development, the first gate of call for help should be the official documentation provided by Google. If you don’t recognise something or can’t get it to form, make sure you understand specific documentation over and again until it gives sense to you. If you still don’t know, then try searching Google for existing tutorials or things reading it separately.

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