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You started your own brand. You have a digital marketing strategy. As per that, you make your own website. What next? How does one market their website? How do you make the most it without seeming like a pushover? Here are some things you must keep in mind while marketing your website:

  • SEO is unmissable. People tend to skip this step because it is often difficult, or expensive if you get someone else to do it. However, one must keep in mind that there is no website marketing without SEO. It makes your website a place worth being at.
  • Create an online tool that takes personal information from the user without them feeling like something was asked of them. Directly asking for contact details is intimidating and makes people seem like they will be spammed so it must be done smartly. For instance, offer them a freebie, but in exchange for quick registration.
  • Join Facebook groups as they are interactive, useful and actually specific to your target audience. Make it a point to be actively involved there, so that you receive what you give out.
  • Make sure you have some form of interactive content on your website. It could be anything, but anything that seems personalized and special tends to work for the audience. In fact, have some benefit in your entire business that can only be availed through the website. That will push audiences towards your website, the new ones as well as the already existing ones.
  • Have actual great content. This might go without saying but it is necessary that this is said. No hacks and tricks work if the website is not worth visiting in the first place.
  • Take full advantage of existing frameworks. If your website is on platforms like WordPress or Wix, they offer several options to make an advanced level website. Know how to tap them and bring out the best of them. 
  • A great FAQ page is a must. Update it consistently and do actual research for it. the FAQ page is one area where people can get an entire walkthrough of your work. Make sure it is interesting.
  • Images and videos pull the crowd. They must be of great quality and must speak more than text could. This way, the audience can be guided to your website even through pictures, which show up separately in the Images section of Google.
  • Write. Be it a blog, or content related to your work that you sell to other platforms and media, ensure that there is abundant written content on your website.

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