Losing your reach through Instagram Shadowban? Know the Tips and Tricks

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Worried about Instagram Shadowban? Wondering about what is the cause behind Instagram Shadowban which is reducing the reach of your Instagram Account? Today, in this blog we will see why Organic Reach in your Instagram account is reducing. Some tips and tricks will help you to survive the Instagram Latest Algorithm.

What is this Instagram Shadowman all about?

Instagram Shadowban is the situation when your hashtags are going undiscovered. It simply means when you are posting something on your Instagram account, it is only visible in hashtag feeds of your current followers. Those who are not the followers of your Instagram account or those who are the new audiences, the images of those new posts are not being shown up to them. This, in turn, reduces the reach of your account making it very much difficult to get connected with the newer audiences.

Are You Impacted by Instagram Shadowban Algorithm?

If there is a sudden reduction in the likes & comments on one’s Instagram Account, then that might be due to Instagram Shadowban. To confirm, you can ask one of your friends to un-follow your account. And then you post something using proper hashtag. Then you ask your friend to search that post with that hashtag feed. Now if your post is not being shown to your friend, then you can make it sure that you have in hit with Instagram Shadowban. Or, you may contact SysTab Social Media Marketers for free business consultations.

Why may be the reason for Instagram Shadowban Penalty?

Use of Bots: If you are using bots, automatic posting or replies or if you are buying followers to increase your reach then your account may get hit with Instagram Shadowban.

Same Hashtag: Using the same set of hashtags over a more extended period, Instagram considers it little spammy. Try to keep your Hashtag fresh & change it over time. Don’t use the same hashtag over & over again.

Too Many Hashtags: Keep the number of Hashtags for a post between 10 to 15. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags for a post if not needed.

Broken Hashtag: Another primary reason behind Instagram Shadowban is “Broken Hashtags.” Instagram sometimes breaks down some content which you have shared inside a hashtag which is referred to as Broken Hashtag.


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