LinkedIn Launches new course on creating a LinkedIn appearance and using its Ad Tools

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LinkedIn has originated an innovative course created to teach people on how to make the most effective utilization of the platform for brand-building and retailing, including all features of LinkedIn’s on-platform media.

The course, titled “Marketing on LinkedIn: The Modern Marketer’s Guide”, is open on LinkedIn’s LinkedIn Learning platform, which does need a monthly fee, though a free test is available if you need to check it out.

As defined by LinkedIn:

“During the Modern Marketer’s Guide course on LinkedIn, you can get all the information required to produce a best-in-class social media retailing approach, all in less than two hours total. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn, or just looking to clean up and promote your content plan, you’ll find lots of valuable penetrations and leadership within.”

The course is a cumulative set of advice and insights from LinkedIn’s subsisting Resource Hub, but re-framing it into a program has allowed LinkedIn to put more special focus on essential details. Also, you get a certification of achievement to continue to your LinkedIn profile and showcase your platform experience.

Parts in the new course comprise:

  • Creating your LinkedIn Presence – Including data on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, write relevant content, join within LinkedIn Groups and build your on-platform association.
  • Using LinkedIn’s Ad Tools – A survey of LinkedIn’s growing ad results, including information and direction on how to build LinkedIn ad campaigns for changing goals.
  • Ad Targeting in Detail – Data on how to utilize LinkedIn’s more advanced readers targeting and data analytics to maximize ad offering.
  • Optimizing Analysis – An in-depth look at how to estimate the bottom-line result of your LinkedIn efforts, including data on how to manage Campaign Manager and Conversion Tracking, among other factors.

With LinkedIn usage growing and encouraging more referral traffic, it’s worth considering if and how your company can drill into that growth, and where LinkedIn might fit into your more extensive social media marketing plan. And even if you don’t end up practising these tools, the course still gives an excellent summary to help you obtain that choice, and may give you some new ideas to consider.


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