Latest Trends and Changes in SEO Heading into 2018

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As the year is ending and the New Year 2018 is heading, there will be seen some changes in the trends in the SEO approach.  There will be some last year’s trends that will come in more prominence in 2018 and also there be some new ones. Few things that a Mumbai SEO agency can do to brighten your business and increasing the site ranking and presence on internet are-

Digital assistants help and voice search

The voice search technology gives an opportunity for changing the way we interconnect or route the information to the clients. As per Google reports, 1 out of 5 searches already come from voice queries. It is evident that digital assistants has presented a growing market that can change the way search queries are performed.  These changes have an impact on the SEO market overall and all are expecting a prominent shift towards the voice market in 2018. In the voice search there is a need to focus on the long-tail search keywords and an ordinary language that matches the user’s informal tone.

Building of links

This concept of building links is expected to develop in a better way with an improved strategy to give the whole concept a good quality to improve the site ranking. It is necessary to get links from that are relevant to your industry. In 2018 the SEO strategies will move towards relationship building, helping a brand develop powerful contacts and links that will be beneficial in a longer term.

User friendly experience

In 2018 it will be seen that user experience for SEO will take the important place. It is clearly mentioned by Google that sites should focus on becoming more user friendly and visitor friendly. User friendly websites make the chances of people engaging with the pages who visit website. This helps in doing SEO, as the search engine discover which pages are more useful for clients and visitors and which are liked by them.

Mobile First

In 2018 it will be seen that the brands will be putting the mobile first, this will be surely abided if Google decides deploys 2018 as its mobile-first index year.  In a recent study by BrightEdge found that, 57% of web traffic comes from mobile devices and so this will become important for sure.

Visual search will increase

The Visual search is a combination of technological innovation and user experience. Already major tech companies including Bing, Pinterest and Google have already invested in developing powerful visual search engines. SEO agencies in 2018 will have to consider the way they consume visual content and how search engines now go beyond text to explore the changing habits of search.

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