Key Ways to Leverage Your Brand Through Social Media

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Social media is a crucial tool that can be leveraged effectively to boost the organic reach of your posts and drive traffic to your website. Using an effective Social Media Strategy will help you in the expansion of your brand reach organically. You can utilise the major social media channels effectively without draining too much on Ads.

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic is to share your content on your Social Media Profile & Pages. If you are putting effort into writing compelling content than it’s essential to share them on Social Media channels like FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. But make sure you need to craft an original piece of engaging content that will generate value for your users.

How Social Media Can Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Driving traffic to your website is made easier through social media platforms. Suppose you are a blogger and recently published a blog, you must immediately share on your Social Media Platforms like Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram. Try click baiting while writing the blog title. A catchy title increases the CTR of your blog and will result in driving traffic.

You need to make your blog appealing to your eyes by the addition of relevant images and videos. This leads to an increase in engagement chances and page view duration of your blog experiences a substantial lift. Readers opt for blogs which give visual explanations along with texts. You may also inject videos into your content.

Plan a Sharing Schedule on Social Media

For a brand, it is essential to build a content plan and regularly publish on social media channels. Just after writing a blog, you need to share them regularly on social media pages. As a content marketer, you need to prepare a planned calendar of sharing the blogs that can increase the engagement and drive traffic to your website. Use separate post copies for every blog you publish on social media channels and make them unique. Use of hashtag and a good featured image will increase the CTR.

Leverage Facebook Groups for Results

In recent times, FB community building has become an important task for the leading brands. They become extremely prudent when sharing the posts to the groups. But there is always a risk of you getting banned by the group admin if you keep on publishing brand posts in the group. Be an active contributor to the group by sharing valuable information that ideally answers your questions. Opt for indirect promotion by inviting the users to come to your Social Page. Create your own Facebook group or community and encourage people to join it. Once you are the admin of your page, you can resort to direct promotion and drive traffic to your website.

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