Key advertising trends that could be noticed in 2019

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Key advertising trendsHow will the industry evolve in the upcoming future? What are the major key advertising trends to emerge and increase next year? These are, perhaps, some of the hottest questions in digital advertising, widely-discussed among businesses and leading industry experts, and the closer the Holiday season, the hotter they usually get.

Quite predictably, now that the 3rd Quarter of 2018 is almost over, and the top trends are growing more vivid, it’s high time to make forecasts on what will be shaping the online advertising landscape in 2019.

Advertising Medium: Video

Proven as the most engaging way of ad storytelling that helps accelerate the buyer journey and boost conversion rates, the video is likely to remain the most powerful advertising medium in 2019.

Namely, according to latest e Marketer report, the U.S. digital video ad spending will continue growing and, as forecasted, will eat up to 50% of the total video ad budgets in 2019, with mobile and social video ads being the top marketers’ choice.

In addition, what we can expect is the greater brands’ focus on the so-called “moments marketing” i.e. combining the context with intent-driven signals in order to deliver highly-relevant video ad content to their targeted customers at the right time, at the right place, on the right screen.

Advertising Format: Connected TV Ads

As the latest research unveils, TV ad spending that has been losing its share of the total ad expenditures over the past few years is most likely to continue its decline in 2019.

Contrarily, given the rapidly increasing number of cord-cutters tracked in 2017 – 2018, the majority of industry players agree that connected TV advertising will only grow further next year.

Namely, according to Anthony Liaskovskyi, CEO of AdPlayer.Pro video ad solutions provider, who I had a chance to speak with at DMEXCO 2018 event, “CTV and OTT advertising inventory is super-hot right now, and the trend is accelerating: we expect CTV advertising will keep rising in 2019.”

Ad Technology: Artificial Intelligence

Even though artificial intelligence (AI) is generally considered the so-to-speak “globally trans-formative technology”, its use across the digital ad industry in a whole and online video ad niche, in particular, has been lacking diversity until today.

Nonetheless, the majority of experts are rather optimistic in their forecasts and predict the increasingly wider adoption of AI across the digital ad landscape in 2019, e.g. to develop advanced AI-based ad fraud detection systems, cutting-edge AI-based ad targeting solutions, etc.

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