Inexpensive Social media Marketing tactics

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All of us use social media for our personal fun but marketing on the same is a different ball game altogether. It requires research, expertise, patience and often, money. However, if you’re on a tight budget and still need to market your brand, a social media expert is probably not the service that is on top of your list. If you’re handling social media marketing all on your own, here are some things that you can do that will not cost you a lot and still give results.

  1. Quality content always wins. No number of hacks and tips will work if your content is not good enough. Put in effort for the content and your brand. They need to be really good if the marketing is supposed to be effective. 
  2. Use videos. If there is anything you must learn, let it be video recording and editing. Even if that is not the case, spend your valuable money on getting videos made. That is the form of content that the audiences click on and it clicks back with them. 
  3. Email marketing is still in. The key to doing this is first compiling the appropriate email addresses and then curating the content that should go out. Plan the duration and frequency, you don’t want to be spamming and annoying potential customers.
  4. If there is only one social media platform that you can work on, let it be Facebook. They have wonderful paid advertising options and if you don’t want to go for that, the unpaid organic advertising market is good too.
  5. Send a personalized message. To each of your existing customers. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and in these times, service is as important as the product. These sweet gestures will also build up your goodwill and reputation in the market.
  6. Live streaming is cool. You don’t have to sit in front of the camera and just go on as that tends to get boring. You can choose to stream the behind-the-scenes of your company and show interesting stuff that people don’t see often. Also, live streaming is available on almost all social media platforms.

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