How to Reduce Bounce Rate in 2019?

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If you are running your brand on the internet and likely to invest several thousands of bucks for improving your digital brand presence, you need to carefully analyse and enhance the bounce rate. An augmented bounce rate corresponds to an increase in daily conversions and engagement from the customers. A critical task for a better evaluation is to start finding the top exit pages, check the page loading duration, and start accumulating speed reports for a better insight into the real causes behind the higher bounce rate.

Here, we are stating a few measures with the help of which you will be able to decrease the bounce rate of your website.

Create Compelling Content

A compelling title and description is a high-time need to cut down the bounce rate of your website. Both title and description must be in congruence with the content copy for keeping the users connected and engaged with your brand and thereby decreasing the bounce rate.

Interlink Your Content

Content interlinking is another way of boosting the bounce rate of your website. Use relevant phrases to define your content and connect your existing piece of content with another one of the past. Here you need to interlink according to the content genre. For example, if you are talking about digital marketing, you might connect the article on the same with another article of SEO since both of them work together.

Reduce the Page Load Time

Nobody likes to wait for an extended period to see your web page loading. It would annoy your customers, and hence they might choose to leave your website. Therefore, you need to lower the page loading time to yield a lessened bounce rate.

Inject Video in Your Content

Videos are highly engaging for the audience, and they create an emotional trigger within seconds of viewing them. They act as a persuasive tool in grabbing the attention of your audience.

Add Visual Infographics

Adding visual infographics to your content elevates the rate of engagement and thereby reduces the bounce rate of your website.

Use HD-Images to Capture Customer Attention

Whether it is a blogging website or an e-commerce storefront, Images are an effective tool to cut down your bounce rate. Nowadays a majority of sites use high-definition images as full-screen backgrounds because they tend to create a visual charm for the audience. High-quality images can be used as full-screen backgrounds, parallax backgrounds, background slides, or as inline images next to your call to actions. Images can be purchased from several licensed websites such as Fotolia that contains stocks of photos.

Optimize Your Call-to-action Button

Before putting your content for display, you need to optimise your website with a proper call-to-action. You must mention an honest and transparent call to action that should be easily understandable to the users. Use of irrelevant or no call to actions might uptick your bounce rate.

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