How to optimize your website for more conversions?

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Being in the Digital Marketing & Website Development Industry, clients have asked us this question ‘What type of website they should design to get maximum conversions?’ as every business has only one objective to generate revenue. The common need of every business from startups to well-established brands is to create a stronger digital presence through their website.

We all try to put our best while we are in a corporate meeting or when we are interacting with our clients/customers for the first time. As it is being said, “You will never get a second chance to make a First Impression-WILL ROGERS.” So we all try to make our first impression the best one in all possible way to get positive feedback from the client. Whenever your client is searching for a business partner online, most of them will land to your homepage. Now, this is the first page they will see, and this is the first place to impress your client.

Even, in Digital Marketing Strategy, we keep 60% backlink pointing to Homepage and 40% to internal pages. This ratio helps to increase the popularity of your website and increase traffic to your website. So the homepage of your Website is the most important tool which can convert leads into potential customers. Thus, in short, we can say a Website’s Homepage needs to get optimised in all possible ways, to maximise the conversion.

Tips to make your Website’s Homepage the perfect one.

3-Second Litmus Test: An essential element for your Homepage. When a new visitor lands to your Website’s Homepage, just by seeing the page, they should get the answer to the three questions. Who are you? What do you do? What benefit will they get from you? Now, being a professional website development company, we ensure to answer all these questions in just 3 seconds. We guarantee to keep the information crisp, simple and easy to understand that increases the conversion.

Above the fold:  Again, one of the most crucial sections of your website is above the fold area is the section you see without scrolling down the site. To create an impact, crisply highlight your service with proper CTA (Call-to-Action Button). You can also highlight your contact details and quick links for easier navigation of your clients.

Heat Map Zone: Heat Map Zone is a section of a website when a user tends to click most of the time. This is a significant factor which should be structured well on your Homepage. Most of the online users see Above-the-fold area in a z-pattern that is from left to right. So always try to place the main important elements like logo, Contact details, navigation, tagline, USP of your Company, etc.

Understandability & Lucidity: Your Website’s Homepage should provide all the details of your business in an obvious & crisp way. Complicated languages & long description may result in a high bounce rate. Since nobody has too much time to go through until & unless required.

Easy to Navigate: Make your homepage structure with proper navigational keys so that it becomes more comfortable for the users to navigate. Easy to check your internal pages like products or service from the homepage of your website & thus increasing the conversion rate of your business.

CTA (Call-to-action): After seeing your Website the immediate action that an online user takes is called CTA. So, CTA is also an important factor which should be present in your homepage. Use Call-to-action properly in a very clear & decisive way to get better conversion.

Increase Trust: Testimonials are always important & should be present in your Website’s Homepage. It helps to gain confidence, trust & transparency to the new users when they are visiting your homepage. You can keep testimonial with images of a client, even if possible, ask for a video feedback, that increases the authenticity of the testimonial.



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