How to Get Most Downloads for Your App- Follow These Tricks

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You will be surprised to know that currently, we have almost 28,00,000 apps on play store and 22,00,000 on the app store. This is a crazy number apart from other smaller application stores available.

So if you are looking for “how can you increase the number of downloads” of your app, be smart and strategic about it.

As per our experience, people try to spend a lot of money on publicising their apps. It takes a lot of money, but for the startups, not everyone will have millions of funding to spend on advertisements.

The better and more feasible way to increase the number of downloads of your app is to optimise the app store listing with keywords around your app’s features and related search terms.

App optimisation is indeed a cost-effective way to increase your app installs more organically. Let’s have more –

1- Pick the RIGHT title for your app

Your title of the app should not be a fancy word. A title is something that people will write in the search bar; it should be accessible, short and relatable to the objective of the application.

People tend to search what they are in need of, so write a need-based title rather than a catchy, smart looking title for your app.

Tools like Sensortower, AppAnnie can guide you through the app traffic volumes and difficulties of specific keywords.


Doing productive research on what keywords are being used by other apps, what is the traffic rates of keywords (Sensortower and AppAnnie will help you do that homework)

You must pick the keywords which have low difficulty level and medium traffic. Most likely, your big competitors in the same segment are not focussing on such keywords, giving you a tremendous opportunity to leverage.

3- Localise by COUNTRY

An application that is built will have a specific and defined audience. Localising the features of the app with respect to the region will help the app grow and get discovered quickly.

With App Store, you can get the feasibility of changing the meta-data of your app as per the country in which your app is being searched. You can also use Google translate or take help from the local speakers to localise your apps.

4- Attractive IMAGES & ICONS

When the app is discovered on the app store, it is there on the list of all the related apps, the user will still explore all the associated items.

Furthermore, he or she will choose the one, which will be attractive and have descriptive features.
Therefore, it is essential to put an attractive and powerful image which will play ~40% of the role in deciding the final click on the download button.

It has been observed that pictures which are bright, refreshing and sensible get more attention for downloads. Sometimes icons and captions which are related to the need of the users help in the final outcome of download.


When the user goes through the description, ratings, and review, he or she is in the final phase of deciding whether or not to click on the download button.

You can use creative ways to describe the features of the application and how users have used it in the past. Putting honest ratings works well in the favour. Gather more and more data on ratings from the existing user as it enhances the chance of attracting new users.

The cognition of the human mind works in such a fashion that will get attracted towards the one which is used more by other, gaining conformity of its application.

6- ANALYSE your data

Data never lies, so never stop collecting the information. Keep tracking what is being liked, which description is converting into more download, likewise which icon or title is creating more number of users so that you can implement your intuitions and creativity time to time to enhance your business.
App featuring is as dynamic as building an app, so keep following the data and implement newer strategies.


App store optimisation is an effective way of increasing the business and reaching to more users. It is being preferred in the market today because according to the research, more than 60% app installation emerges from general browsing in the app store and not through advertisements. Also, if we look into the investments, it’s almost nil in terms of money. In order to have a significant number of installs, its wiser to plan, strategise and implement better.

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