How to Create and Setup Video Remarketing Campaign in 2019?

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Youtube is the largest video streaming platform which enables viewers across the world to watch your videos and engage with them. If you are running a brand, Youtube becomes a prime platform for capturing interest from customers and giving them the option to re-engage. This particular phenomenon is known as YouTube Remarketing. When a user shows interest in engaging with your YouTube Channel or videos through a responsive action on their behalf, the ad-serving platform stores the user’s information in a custom list that can be used to retarget audience using unique means of communications at a later stage of the lifecycle. By repeated exhibitions of your message in front of the users who have already watched your videos or browse through your YouTube channel in the past, your chances of generating better ROI increase a lot.

How to Create a Custom Video Remarketing List?

Creation of video remarketing list involves congregation of users who watch and engage with your video content. A custom Remarketing list gets automatically generated by connecting your YouTube account to your AdWords account. Once the account linking operation gets completed, a Remarketing list gets created that targets people based on the following actions.


This segment of activity mainly encompasses users who watch videos and video Ads on YouTube. It also involves video watchers on social networks and installed on the website


This segment allows users to browse and subscribe to your YouTube channel, & those who like to engage with the content you are churning out through the mode of likes, shares, and comments.
Google provides an estimated data that says more than 4 Billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube. It is needless to say that it automatically becomes a massive opportunity for the brands to remarket their products by creating a well-defined list of target customers.

Using Video Remarketing Lists will help you in targeting users on YouTube and the Google Display Network (GDN). For Youtube, we know that millions of viewers can be reached across various channels on the platform. Similarly, GDN targets users who browse content on the Google Display Network, helping the advertisers to reach more than 75% of unique internet users globally.

Video Remarketing Optimizations

To enable initiatives in optimising video remarketing campaigns, here are some tips you need to follow.

Drive Conversions

Users who interact with video are more likely to be receptive to additional brand messages. Remarketing can bring these users back to your website to buy products

Improve ROI

Remarketing allows you to reach your most valuable customers. This can lead to lower CPAs – potentially lower than display or search campaigns

How to Set Up Video Remarketing Campaigns?

  • The very first step demands Linking of AdWords for the video to your YouTube Channel.
  • Once the linking is done, the advertiser needs to choose the Remarketing lists you want to create.
  • After flooding the list with potential users, you can use it for YouTube retargeting for a unique video ad or in the Google Display Network (GDN) for displaying banner ads.

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