How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Business?

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Have you decided a perfect domain name for your business website that is going to launch profits for you? The task may be challenging and daunting at the same time. To solve your problems in unearthing the right domain name for your business, here are a few tips that will make your work easier.

Branding is Important

When it comes to choosing a domain name, branding becomes a vital aspect to be considered since it effectively controls the chances of approval of domain name. The domain name creates a digital identity of your brand in the form of a URL. Hence, you must consider using your brand name as your domain name as it helps the users to connect with your brand and makes it easier for them to remember. Try to follow a simple approach and create a domain name that can be easily memorised. Using special characters like $, #. % and numbers are highly avoidable since the inclusion of such characters makes it sound bizarre and complex at the same time.

Smooth Pronunciation

Why choose a name that is difficult to pronounce? It is always recommended to use a domain name that can be spelt and pronounced easily. A pronounceable domain name helps the customers to remember the website of your brand. It would become easier for the potential website visitors, users, and customers of your brand to pronounce the website name perfectly and somehow you can expect free publicity from them through this process. An easy domain name creates fluency in the process and makes it easily accessible for the brain. Your brand name should not force you to overthink, and such names create long-lasting impressions. A tough-to-pronounce domain name might suffer from the possibility of getting misspelt.

A short and crisp name is the winner

A domain name, too long, will take too long to be typed and an extremely short domain name cannot be remembered perfectly.

The key is to find a well-balanced domain name that contains a sufficient number of alphabets. A shorter domain name is optimal for searchability and browsability of your website. For example, ‘’ is a long domain name that includes wordiness but ‘’ is an excellent domain name that is precise and solves your purpose. You might also consider acronyms for your domain name like World Wide Fund using Using an acronym is only a feasible option if your brand is popular among your potential users by the initials of each letter of the words of the brand name.

Impact of sensible keywords

Is your domain sounding weird? You might consider including some keywords in your domain name and try to create an impression in the mind of your potential users. Some of the most common domain names based on keywords are ‘’, ‘’ where the developers have tried to set the domain name based on specific keywords that are directly relevant to their line of business.

Another thing to consider while choosing the domain name is to measure the intuitiveness of the domain name you are using. You are free to make changes and modify it if it is necessary for your business growth. Hence, try to follow the four tips stated in this article to choose a valid domain name for your business that directly evokes the emotions of your customers. Create a series of domain names at first and try to check them one at a time that ideally fits your bill.

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