How SEO-Friendly Is WordPress?

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WordPress, as it is, gives you many benefits in the SEO game. Especially about on-page SEO, the platform enables you to take care of a lot of essential elements.

Below are a few motives why: 

Content creation: Combining regular content to a WordPress blog is a joy. And the extra high-quality content you have on your site, the more beneficial it will be for SEO.

Regular SEO-friendly features: WordPress’s out-of-the-box SEO points combine custom permalinks (more about this here), a clean site construction (e.g., adding content to categories, which in turn have a parent category), and image optimization (i.e., alt attributes) amongst others.

Clean code: 5-star WordPress themes/templates made by a WordPress developer usually come with clean and SEO-friendly code. Of course, some ideas are more useful than others, so be sure to do your analysis before executing one.

Proper HTML markup: Though written frequently in PHP, WordPress generates HTML pages that are easily readable by search engines. The latest creation of themes (like Genesis) has even begun to take benefit of HTML and the developments it brings.

SEO-friendly permalinks: WordPress begins with the capacity to use so-called “pretty permalinks.” That means links to support and pages can include keywords, so search engines and visitors know what they are about. Of course, you can check the content of the link, which is the current standard-setting in WordPress.

Title tag and headings: The headline of a page is one of the primary parts of on-page SEO. Commonly with other managing tags, it notifies Google about the data in your content and gives it formation. WordPress enables you to set all of this up without manually rewriting the basic HTML tags.

Optimized images: Talking about pictures, besides attaching photos and other visuals to your content, the WordPress editor also enables you to further optimize them with ALT tags, specifications, and more.


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