How can you increase ROI of your website?

  • September 12, 2018
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ROI for WebsiteWe are standing in mid-2018 when the entire world is experiencing a change in every sphere due to the disruption of digital platforms. Brands are no more following lackluster practices to expand their reach. Rather, they are focused on achieving more business through their marketing initiatives. In the world of ‘A Google’, ‘A Facebook’, ‘An Instagram’, social media has become the most preferred channel for brand promotion. Initiating robust marketing initiatives demand rocketing spends but if you accurately focus on website analytics and statistical acumen of your campaigns, your branding efforts will receive a significant boost.

A robust, fast-paced website is the digital identity of your business and to maximize the return of investments from it, you need to resort to leading practices and abandon the outmoded ones.

Here are some of the tips to generate higher ROI from your website:

Mobile optimization

People nowadays are more active on mobile devices rather than on desktops and laptops. To experience an increase in mobile traffic, you need to optimize your site for mobile to ensure a steep increase of ROI.

The optimum tool for increasing website ROI is by using Google Adwords. Create a Google Ads account for mobile and tailor your ad campaigns for more visibility on mobile devices. The conventional method of digital marketing displays the trend that the brands are more inclined towards optimizing their ad campaigns for desktop but very few have the knowledge that smartphones are ruling internet traffic and search volume.

Once you are done with the optimization of your Adwords settings, your ads will be distributed across all the smartphone devices. Mobile users will find your ads and click on them. You can build an effective PPC campaign from scratch or you can modify your existing campaign for better delivery of your ads in smartphones.

Use advanced tools

With the gradual progress of time, manual tasks are becoming more and more repetitive. The technological improvements are witnessed through the application of artificial intelligence and automation in the field of digital marketing. ROI is not only concerned about the conversions but it also involves the gains and returns made by a company during the process of building a solid footing in the market. The tools with premium facilities are ideal for building an effective digital marketing strategy.

Here are some tools that play an important role in boosting the ROI:

Growth Robotics

This is the best embeddable SEO Audit Tool that gives you actionable insights regarding your website and helps you in generating more leads.

Google Analytics

This web analytics solution tracks and provides an insightful report on your website traffic. The freemium platform offered by Google measure your advertising ROI on social networking sites and applications.

HubSpot’s Website Grader

This tool creates personalized reports based on your site performance (page size, requests, speed etc), mobile-friendly design, SEO optimization and security of a website.


It is a comprehensive toolset for SEO, backlink checking, competitor analysis, keyword research and more.


The tool is powered by a versatile competitive, and intelligent tool suite for online marketing, SEO, social media optimization and video advertising research.

Payment plans

In the world when e-commerce has reached cloud nine, generating revenue has become easier for all the e-retailers who have a viable presence in the digital world. When you are designing your e-commerce website, don’t forget to include more than one payment method for your customers. What if a person interested in the products of your website fail to transact due to the unavailability of a specific payment method? Your ROI will go down.

Lack of payment options on your website is equivalent to losing customers. Hence, choose multiple payment gateways for your business like Paytm, Mobikwik, PayuMoney, CitrusPay, CC Avenue etc.

Video content

A video is more powerful than a regular image. Nothing explains a topic as efficiently as a video. It can transmit a strong message in the shortest duration. All the leading websites of mobile phone manufacturers, e-commerce retailers, and bloggers are switching to video content. Hence, it is recommended to incorporate more videos into your content and maintain the right combination of texts, images, and videos in your content.

However, it is necessary to maintain a parity in the videos you are publishing on your website. Maintaining a consistent plan for video content is highly accounted for improving the ROI of your site.

The videos shot by professional videographers should be ideally placed on your website that would deliver a concrete message of your brand to your audience.

Use emails

Through emails and newsletters, you can force a thrust on your marketing efforts. But unlike others, you need to utilize visual content comprising of videos and infographics to engage more individuals with your brand and convert them into your customers. Visual content is highly powerful in showcasing the brand highlights and excites the customers.

Include Storytelling

What if you decorate your website with customer success stories or testimonials of your brand? People have a flair for buying products from websites that deal professionally with their customers. The most compelling testimonials will include the positive attributes of your brand. Incorporate stories into your content that would comprise of appraisals from your clients.

Simple testimonials talk naively about the brand but the effective ones will tell why your brand is preferred among your customers and what changes it has brought in the life of your customers. Try to include pictures of your customers who have loved their experience on your platform. One key advantage of the story-telling format is that it is highly sociable and customers can easily relate to the human characters featured on your website pages. The story should concentrate on portraying the key reasons why your business is worth a try.


This is a phenomenon by which you can show targeted ads to the audience who are interested in your product or service and have visited your page but didn’t take necessary action like purchase or signup. Your Google AdWords campaign should include specific ads for retargeting your potential audience. More chances are there to transact through your website due to remarketing initiatives. Remarketing can be of different types such as by search, by the device, through social media, by targeted individuals, by-products etc.

If you want to grow your brand online through your website, it’s absolutely important that you focus on the ROI for your website. A positive ROI mimics the growth of your brand. What ideally follows is that old English proverb ‘Quality over Quantity’.

Every brand is unique and by paying attention to what your customers want. you can ramp up your product sales. Apart from the marketing prospect, you need to understand the technical aspect of your website and through feasible methods, you need to stand out in this intense competition.

On a concluding note, it is imperative to say that you need to find the best ways of promoting your brand. Once, you have a strong understanding of who your audience is and what do they like, it becomes easier for you to devise strategies that would create a 360-degree growth for your business.

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