Facebook New Cookie Settings And Pixels Are Now Simplified

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A lot of buzzes is happening around first-party & third-party cookie setting for Facebook Pixel that is supposed to get implemented from October 24, 2018. Here is the simplified explanation to understand what does that exactly mean for an advertiser like me.

Before going to the technicalities, we have to first understand different types of available cookies and methods of using your Facebook Pixels

Different Methods of using Facebook Pixel

Only for Analytics

Similar to what we do for Google Analytics, It will just give you data about your website behaviour. This setting does not allow you to monitor your campaign performance or create an audience segment
Analytics + Advertising

Similar to when we use Google Analytics Goals to Track conversions/ purchases in Adwords (Of course by Linking Adwords & Google Analytics). This is the default option when we create a new Facebook pixel.

Different Cookie Types

First Party Cookie

Cookies that are set only when a person visits a domain. I am tracking only the actions that a user performs when he is on my website. For example: If you are using abc.com, the cookie would be set on abc.com only. This cookie is widely accepted by browsers and is stored for longer time.

Third Party Cookie

A cookie that my website stores on the visitor’s hard disk/browsers to track user’s behaviour later. Here I am monitoring user behaviour on and off my website. For example, you were visiting abc.com, and the cookie was set on xyz.com domain, It is considered as a third-party cookie. Most of the browsers including Safari do not allow a third-party cookie.

Know Your Best Settings

First-party & 3rd Party Cookie (Your Next Default Setting From 24th October) if you want to reach out to maximum users through Facebook Advertising Campaign.

3rd Party Only Cookie with Analytics

If you are not bothered about tracking behaviour/conversions from Safari and other browsers that do not support third-party cookies, use 3rd party cookies.

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