Facebook Ads in 2019-Few Do’s and Dont’s

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Facebook advertising is one of the best mediums available to reach your target audience in a comparatively cost-effective manner. Facebook advertising guides and easy interface make it a child’s play for everyone to start with the first advertising campaign. The problematic part is optimisation and getting better results.

Here are a few things which you can keep in mind while creating the ad campaign that can help you in reducing your Facebook advertising expenses by almost 30-40%.

Here are a few things that might help you while managing campaigns.

Do not forget Campaign > Ad Set > Ads

It is very easy to press the “Create Ad” button, fill out details, upload creative and make ad live. If that is your first ad, there is nothing to worry about. You should be little careful when you hit that green button for the second time.

Whenever you start any new advertisement without using power editor, Facebook creates a new campaign for you. That is convenient and evil at the same time.

Key Things To Remember

  • A campaign is a group of ad sets with the same objective (Page likes, website traffic or app downloads)
  • Ad set is a group of ads with the same targeting and budget
  • Ads can be different URLs, different creative and different CTA
  • When you create multiple ads with the same targeting, the chances are high that your campaigns
  • will compete with each other. At the end of the day, you will receive more cost per action and fewer results out of your budget.


When you create the second ad in your account with the same objective, after clicking on “create ad” button, do not forget to click on “Use Existing Campaign” link. This will allow you to select previously created campaign and ad set.

Select your audience wisely. A large number of audience is not a good idea.

Try to create multiple campaigns with a unique audience. e.g. if you want to target age group 18-25 years, try and generate ad sets like 18-20 years, 21-23 years and 23-25 years. This will help you to get better reach in your target audience.

You can choose different URLs for different ads. Do not create separate ads just to change target URLs.
Experiment with different CTAs, Images and Ad copies to check what is performing and what is not.

Remember 2-second formula

When you create images for your ad, keep in mind that you have hardly 2-3 seconds to catch the attention of your target user on his/her timeline. If your creative will fail to deliver that story in first sight, you will end up getting fewer results.

Use space wisely to deliver your message under Facebook text guidelines, try to use colours or image that can grab attention. Keep it uncluttered as much as you can.

Use custom and look alike audience

The custom audience helps to target people who have visited your website or subscribed to your newsletters or emailers. This also helps to reduce advertising cost further. When you have already paid so much to bring a user to your website, do not forget to re-engage that user on Facebook.

Custom Audience: This will help you to create an audience from email IDs, phone numbers, Facebook user ids or mobile advertiser ids. You can also build a custom audience from your website visitors or app users.

Look-alike audience: Facebook will help you target a similar audience as your custom audience. This will help you to get an extended reach to the relevant audience without worrying about geography, age group or interests.

Keep an eye on the relevance score

Facebook has also introduced relevance score recently. It is an index of ad quality and ad relevance to the target audience. The more relevant your ad will be to your target audience, relevance score will be high. Even if you think that your content is appropriate, but the relevance score is low, your audience is not interacting with your ad.

Try and change creative/ad copy and rerun it. If you still get similar relevance scores, try different audience or filter down audience by interests and results will improve.

Conclusively, Facebook advertising is all about reaching to the right set of audience to fulfil their needs. Better you are at understanding your audience, better results you will get from Facebook or any other channel.

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