Effective ways to drive traffic on the website

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On-page SEO optimization – This is one of the most important and primary step to generate traffic on website. Some of the tools include placement of good quality content that readers would be interested in. This can be further enhanced by adding appropriate meta descriptions on your website pages. This is the page description and it gives the readers clear idea about the website content.

Social media posting along with hashtag – You must post blogs on different social media platforms and add relevant hashtags that promote the website. This way you reach out to prospective customers in wider network who are searching for products or services which match the ones promoted by you.

Listing – There are online directors and review sites where you can list your website link to generate additional traffic. Positive reviews also help to generate traffic.

Don’t ignore long tail keywords – Short tail keywords have more search volumes but long tail queries are often very specific to the needs of the person searching it. Therefore the chances of such customers landing on your website and getting converted are very high. Hence makes sure that the long tail keywords are a part of your SEO strategy.

Landing pages – If you have offers on your products or services then create special landing pages that bring in customers looking for free trial, redemption of discount codes, downloading of free guides etc. They also help you understand the customer requirement and strategies your marketing efforts going forward.

Email marketing – Stay on your customer’s mind by sending out emailers and newsletter sharing general information that the customers would be interested in as well as special offers. The backlinks in these newsletters will bring those customers to the landing pages desired by you. Keep the subject line very thoughtful and attractive. 3`Avoid spamming their mail box with unnecessary promotion material, as the chances of your customers putting the email id in spam or blocking or unsubscribing become very high.

Engage in online advertising – Online advertising generate direct website visits through the embedded links, hence spend some amount on social media, paid searches and other forms of digital advertising to drive website traffic.

Guest blog – Get an industry influencer to write a blog on your website. This way you are reaching out the audiences who are following that influencer. Additionally you are also giving an enriching experience to your customer by sharing interesting inputs through this blog.

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