Digital Marketing trends you should follow in 2019

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From websites and native advertising networks to mobile messaging apps and social media platforms, it is without a doubt that the digital marketing landscape has grown diverse and touched new pinnacles of modernity. And now that new year has arrived, we can expect that more advanced platforms, technologies, and new strategies will come and change the way businesses promote and sell their brands and products on the digital realm.

As digital marketing become more of a necessity than just an option; however, the number of companies using this strategy has grown massively as well. In digital advertising alone, recent statistics have shown that more and more businesses are willing to spend more of their marketing budget in paid ads to get their brands, products, and services in front of their customers.

Such an increase in advertising revenue of Google only proves that the digital marketing landscape is getting more and more competitive. As such, it is only imperative for digital marketers to diversify their campaigns and incorporate some of the upcoming platforms that are already amassing high utilization from consumers and corporate customers alike.

To give you more insight into these new digital marketing platforms, technologies, and strategies, here are the most important digital marketing trends you should follow in 2019:

1)    Voice Search:

As voice recognition technology gets more advanced, we can expect that more and more people will utilize the voice search feature as it will be on everyone smartphones in 2019 and therefore it comes out as an opportunity for marketers to further expand their existing market.

2)    Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the fastest growing strategies now- a- days, and it’s showing no chance of slowing down any time soon. Every small business with limited resources is also leveraging this strategy.

3)     Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising, and it is gaining much popularity among people, and its returns are significant, but it should be utilized with precautions. The companies that are planning to invest in this strategy should ensure to use it without breaching any regulations.

4)    Artificial Intelligence in Audience Targeting

To reach the right audience effectively, a detail customer profiling is warranted and to achieve such a feat, more and more companies are tapping the power of cutting edge, Audience targeting powered platforms in their customer profiling efforts.

5)    E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing has been a vital component of the Digital Marketing strategy for decades and grown as one of the customer preferences. Also, it has been proven to deliver significant results.

6)    Visual Search

As the consumer’s desire for speed and ease when obtaining information online rises, the number of business that plans to leverage visual search also increases. So, marketers research visual nature of humans and their preferences in a fast, fun and interactive way to gather information.





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