Building smarter websites and avoid mistakes during web designing

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Every development organization needs to communicate for the business portal to every company for the share or to the clients for developing their business.

Web designing agency have a professional and skilled team who know well about web designing that are helpful for clients.

Also, here are some of the common designing mistakes that need to be avoided by companies now:

1. Users unable to find contact information

This is one of the most common mistakes made by designers. Not placing the contact information for users to get in touch with the company can hamper traffic coming to the site.

2. Providing a Hyperlink “Enter here” to enter the leading site

When users are opening your website, you wouldn’t want them to waste time coming into your site once they are already in. It is essential to ensure that they are on your site directly without spending time.

3. Using too much animation or Flash software on the main page

Flash is attractive, and it adds to the beauty of your site, but unfortunately, the impact reduces when it is used too much. The place becomes slow and takes more time to load every time a user opens it. The site will open faster if the use of flash is limited. Many websites offer basic HTML formats, which are easier to load.

4. Search engine optimization not done

This is one of the essential things one shall keep in mind to increase the traffic and users on your website. If search engine optimization has not been done correctly by the SEO Company in Mumbai, it will ruin the whole show.

5. Many ads and pop-up windows

It can be distracting for users to have many ads popping out on the company’s website when they are trying to navigate through. If the ads pop without notice, users will start losing interest in the site after some time. Many browsers offer the facility to block such popping ads. Since the majority of users wouldn’t want to check these ads, it is advisable to get rid of them and present a clean site.

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