Beta Alanine

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Beta-alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid, categorized as non-essential amino acid. It cannot be consumed easily through regular diet, hence you cannot consume it with your regular whey, chicken, fish or red meat. But when it does enter the body, it gets converted into Carnosine, acting as a stamina booster and aiding strength and muscle development. Hence, fitness enthusiasts who are indulging into medium to heavy level of weight training will be able to derive greater benefits from consumption of Beta-alanine in the form of increased muscle gain. Beta-alanine also effective in aiding high intensity metabolic workouts; wherein it helps in faster recovery during shorter rest periods between two sets, thereby improving the rate of calorie burn.

Beta-alanine works through Carnosine, which is found in both muscle types, but it has higher concentration in the type two fibers. These fibers result in providing a boost to the strength and intensity exercises.

During high intensity exercise, the body begins to accumulate hydrogen ions in large quantities, pushing the body into acidic state. The high amounts of hydrogen ions trigger the build-up of lactic acid in the body and causes fatigue and exhaustion during workouts and impacting the performance negatively. A drop in the performance delays the targeted goals. But Carnosine works as an intracellular buffer and stabilizes the muscular pH. It absorbs the excess levels of hydrogen ions, thereby limiting the level of lactic acid levels.

Consuming Beta-alanine in a supplement form for 10 to 12 weeks will help in boosting the Carnosine levels in the body. Start with a higher dose and then proceed to a maintenance phase. A 6 grams serving, spread over 3 to 4 times per day for a week should be a good start. Later on reduce it to half at 3 grams per day spread across 3 dozes. It works best in combination with carbohydrates. Endurance athletes may not be able to derive much benefit from Beta alanine as the creation of hydrogen ions and lactic acid build-up is not very high in their body.

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