Benefits of using Twitter Analytic tool

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The Twitter analytics dashboard has evolved over the times into the whole social analytics tool it is today and here are just a short handful of valuable insights that can help you gain more exact knowledge of your followers.

1. Find out how many people you’ve influenced

Twitter Analytics gives you plenty of times your tweet appeared on people’s feeds. This is called opinions, and the more frequently you tweet, the higher your ideas will be. You can go wider into this information and see when and where precisely people saw your tweet.

2. Check your account’s monthly performance

Twitter Analytics gives you a review of your account’s presence in the last 28 days. It also lets you link that data to the previous months, so you can see whether your record has improved or declined.

3. Get to know your readers

Twitter Analytics allows you to access data about your followers, such as their age, gender, location, household income, and even buying styles. You’ll have a more reliable idea of your follower demographics, which in turn enables you to transfer an effective Twitter campaign that resonates with your readers.

4. Know your audience’s engagements

Apart from primary data such as age and gender, Twitter Analytics also gives your followers’ top 10 interests. You can leverage this information to build and share content about topics your readers are involved in.

5. Recognize trending issues your followers might like

Twitter Analytics gives you the trending issues at the point, and the amount of appointment each question gets. Find a trending subject that best resonates with your corner and post updates based on that issue. You can further use this knowledge to enhance your content and improve your compact.

6. Find out optimal posting times

Each social channel has an optimal posting period. While this may be true, it doesn’t certainly appeal to all corners. Your readers may be different from the average Twitter user, so it’s best to look at your data to determine out which times of the day your followers are the most active.

7. Plan your engagement time

Want to know how well your report is doing in terms of engagement? Check the commitment rate on your Twitter Analytics dashboard. That figure is determined by separating the number of commitments by the whole of opinions.

8 Discover potential influencers

If you need influencers to join in your next battle, you don’t have to see far as your fans are there. Using unique tools such as Social Rank and Ninja Outreach, you can find out how many participants your members have and sort them by the most common. Change them to make sure they are fit for your brand. You got yourself a brand influencer who’s more comfortable to build a connection with as they already understand and like your label.

9. Trace your follower width

Twitter Analytics lets you trace the number of followers you have collected over time. You can choose any day from the time you began your Twitter account and see how many followers you had on a particular date. This data is crucial because it tells you what approaches work in the past and what didn’t.

10. Find out if your twitter ads are running

Twitter Analytics can present data of your paid and organic tweets. Just like regular tweets, you can compare the number of appointments your preferred tweets get. The most relevant metric to monitor changes as this lets you know whether your ads are active. You may want to set up resolution tracking, so you know how much return of financing you are gaining from your ad spend.


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