Benefits of Seo: Why it IT worth it

  • February 19, 2020
  • SEO
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Search Engine Optimization is the process of directing your content, using keywords, in such a way that your website starts ranking on the top of search engines whenever a particular keyword pertaining to you is typed in. 93% of the people who use the internet start their online activities on a search engine. It may seem slow and quite tiring to use SEO, but quite frankly, it is better than any form of paid advertising out there and here’s why.

  1. Garners more trust

People trust Google. They would believe anything that Google throws at them in the first few links when they type in something in the search engine. Knowing that your website was the one that Google showed them when they searched will give you more credibility than anything else.

  1. Long-lasting strategy

Although it takes time to rank your website on the top; once it is there; it stays there. You can only come down then if you have tough competition or the search engine changes its algorithm. Investing in SEO once will ensure long-lasting results, the effort and patience pay off.

  1. 24/7 promotion

SEO is that one promotion strategy that works 24/7. Once you’ve optimized it correctly, the results will start showing. After that, you don’t need to stay online to monitor anything. Your website will move up in rank and the audience will start floating in.

  1. Effective, cost-wise and otherwise

As compared to PPC and other means of advertising, SEO is free. The only investment you might have to make will be in an SEO agency. It is also better than PPC, which most people don’t tend to trust because they already know it is paid to advertise.

  1. Everyone is using it

This might seem like encouraging you to adopt a herd mentality, but the point actually is that you should start using SEO before your competitors adopt it. once everyone is on that track, it will be very easy for them to gobble up your brand’s online presence.

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