App Store Optimisation Techniques in 2019

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Want to get a boost in the overall app store ranking? Get to know some fantastic techniques used for app store optimisation. Either in Apple or Google Play Store, these techniques are vital and can be excellent tools for you to use in future.


The Importance of App Store Optimisation

In simple terms, the App Store Optimisation refers to the designing of application download page from various app stores. In this, you will surely get the opportunity to get a higher rank in the search results.
By the way, you can be quickly discovered by your customers through images which will be indirectly engaged in it. This, in turn, is essential as it gaining a great mass of customers which you desire without putting much of the effort.

The thing which you will have to do is to have the right keyboard which will make it easy for you as well as for your customers to find and recognise your brand.

Perform Some Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Research should be done by both means in order to achieve real success in app store ranking. By this technique, you can gather some most powerful as well as essential information which you can use for your optimisation process. Knowledge is power, and when such knowledge is used correctly, it can provide fruitful benefits for any business. Further, with this, you can make your app look more professional and can target your audience by using high performing images.

Need to know the various factors of App Store Ranking

Your work algorithm will be the same when we compare it to the search engines. However, to optimise your rankings, you need to consider a few factors which are listed below:

  • The most successful way to design a page which caters the needs of many people with an absolute level of perfection is the key factor to consider.
  • Keep in mind that you need to include the keyword in the title as well as in the description.
    While including the name of your publisher, list some of his/her good qualities which will further increase their reputation.
  • Receiving a significant number of comments is yet another factor which should be taken into consideration.
  • Redesign your Page and make it a complete package of good Store
  • One of the best App optimisation techniques is to target both your old customers as well as potential new customers. However, these things need to be done before crafting your new page. In terms of title, it should be a combination of your brand name as well as the keyword.
  • Need to write just three appropriate sentences as far as description is considered. Also, provide high-quality videos and images to publish your own designed logo.

Create a User-Friendly Description

The App description stands to be the most vital component as far as the user understandability is considered. It helps the user to learn more about your app. As a result, you will have to create a description which is understood even by lame users.

Here are some tips to focus on while writing any description:

  • Keep your eyes on the first three lines of description
  • Add at least 8-12 main keywords in your description
  • List out all the benefits as well as use cases of your app.
  • Add some amount of detailing of your app, like bug fixes, version number etc.
  • Place your app link in the description.
  • Choose keywords which are low in competition

There are multi-million apps on the App store, and all of them are competing which each other on a fiercer basis. However, if you are aiming to increase the traffic of your app in a broader base, you will probably have to choose keywords which are low in traffic. Although the bigger app companies use higher rank keywords, it is no kind of an issue to select the low-rank ones too.

For Example
You can use more of the long tail words to generate a significant amount of traffic. Also, you can use some excellent research keyword tools to discover which type of keywords will be the best suited for your app.

Get a lot of Good Ratings and Reviews

These things are pretty much essential and are a must to be followed by anyone. Getting a massive number of decent & positive ratings along with reviews can be a compelling app store optimisation technique. Here, one can use third-party publicity, some paid reviews as well as can have own user base to get the high-quality, influential reviews you would have always desired of.

Bring an enhancement in the screenshots which shows your app best features

The Icon of an app is the first impression in front of your potential customers. Along with it, screenshots also play a vital role in providing an impact on the minds of users. With the help of screenshots you can show features of your app in an indirect way, and as a result, you will need to take screenshots whenever you are thinking to optimise your app.

For example
In the description, you will have to focus on the first two images with high-resolution screenshots which will surely beautify the app page of your desired app.

Also, a plain background and an overlay text are essential in making the users feel comfortable and relaxed.

It is a matter of the fact that app store optimisation techniques are essential if you want to take your app rankings to the next level of success and glory. Inculcate these techniques in your workability and success will surely come in the way of your everlasting higher app ranking dream.

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