Advantages of Video Marketing

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“Where Are Your Consumers?”

Before building a shrewd marketing strategy, this is a fundamental question that every brand needs to answer. With the evolution of technology, marketing techniques are sailing through a period of transformation and advancement.

Brands are more likely conscious of their marketing activities on social media channels and are conducting an exhaustive research on the behaviour of their audience.

Creative images, catchy one-liners, appealing taglines have always been the druthers of brands for promoting their products on the market. But what followed after the emergence of a video-streaming platform like YouTube is something fascinating and unforeseen.

Marketers slowly started inclining towards the easily digestible content in video format that grants us the freedom from scrolling down the pages stuffed with teeming explanations void of any visual appeal.

YouTube acts as the all-in-one platter for everyone since you can upload your own video and watch the video of others at the same time. Corporates, singers, fashionistas, tourist guides are all minting revenue through their respective YouTube channels.

Apart from YouTube, video platforms like Snapchat, Vimeo are intriguing the users with their plethora of optimized features that soundly connect with the youth. Social media stalwarts like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have also launched their story feature through which effective videos can be shared with the audience.

This acts as a blessing in disguise for every brand to present their products or services to their audience in an innovative and legitimate way. The corporates most likely orchestrate an emotional connection with their audience and motivate them to take the desired action through product purchase or newsletter sign-ups.

There are several reasons why video marketing is a powerful tool for your business and why it is needed to be embraced at the earliest. But before deep diving into the concept of video marketing, we can simply hover through the elementary concept of the phrase.

Video marketing involves incorporating quality videos into your marketing crusade whether to promote the products and services of your company. While it is already touted as a front-running tool for content marketing, the astounding statistics of certain renowned companies in the world suggest that video marketing creates a rooted impact in increasing their traffic and augmenting the process of revenue generation.

Here are some key advantages of video marketing that are enabling millions of businesses around the world to establish their digital footprint.

1. Increases Social Engagement

As per the recent trends, video content is more likely shared on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram. Video content bridges the gap between the brand and its audience and also enables them to undertake an action. Social marketers suggested that the videos containing product related information have more potential to generate a lead for the product rather than the textual content. Hence, manufacturers of mobile phones and electronic accessories are mostly focussing on video marketing campaigns to improve their conversions. Also, the video allows the followers to engage with the brand by simply sharing, commenting or liking the video. You will eventually see more comments on a product video on YouTube rather than on a product page in some blogs or articles.

2.Display Products Better

Whether it is a fashion product or a mobile phone, videos provide a comprehensive exhibition of your products enriching the visual experience for the buyers. The essence of a bland product image is way lower than a robust product video and customers generally adore such content through which they can communicate with the brand. Imagine, an expert unboxing a smartphone is explaining all its striking features in front of the audience. As a user, you will be savouring the virtual experience of the features that might compel you to purchase the product instantly or in the future.

3. Building Emotional Connection and Trust

The video is an emphatically powerful content that tends to foster long-lasting relationships with customers and create a sense of trust and loyalty among them.

Through facial expressions, personal representation, voice or tone of speech, a credible relationship with the audience can be efficiently fabricated. A blog post gives intricate explanations of products or services; an infographic post represents the content in the form of statistics but both of them are not as powerful as a video is.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories enable you to promote your products in front of a vast audience. You can also post offers and product related updates and enable your followers to engage with your brand. All the posts in your social stories remain active for 24 hours only. You can engender a sense of urgency among your customers by sharing offers that have time-limited applicability. Hence, these time-bound promotional masterstrokes often help the brands to record the desired number of engagements or conversions within a specific duration.

Apart from shooting videos showing glances of your product, you can also publish videos that include glimpses of your workspace and the people behind your brand. It helps the audience to consociate with your content and build a sentiment towards your brand.

4.Improves SEO

Video content garnishes the quality of content and plays an instrumental role in ameliorating the SEO quality. Content with high-quality videos embedded in it is considered to be healthy and friendly for the major search engines.

Video content should be comprehensively optimized for getting indexed in the search results. You need to include the factual keywords, catchy meta description and an appealing title for the video.

Video content also helps you to monitor the success of your advertising campaigns by providing you accurate metrics of sensitive details such as click-through-rates, total number of views, etc.

If you have published a video on your YouTube channel, consider adding a link back to the home page, product page or a specific page of your website. It assists the followers to follow the subsequent steps for performing a particular activity such as form sign-up, ordering a product or browsing through the content. 

5.Explains Products Strongly

If you are managing a product-centric business, video marketing will aid you to connect with your audience in an upgraded manner. If you are launching a new product or a service, produce a video that encapsulates the product details and subsequently publish it on YouTube and other video sharing platforms. Try to include the same video in the content of your product page.

Hence all the leading mobile brands like One Plus, iPhone, Huawei have an explainer video on their home page.

Animated videos are also employed in explaining a challenging topic. At present, hardcore technical companies are using animated video as the device for spreading the awareness of the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Stable coins etc.

The animated videos include a graphical representation of slides decorated with colourful images and a discernible voiceover in the background. Erratically, even an insightful presenter might not be able to illustrate the onerous subjects. In such cases, animated videos present the rightful explanation without a single jolt.

6.Increases retention rates of your brand

The retention rates for video content are soaring high and textual content pieces are no more the fancied style of communication for the brand devotees. Marketers are gradually shifting their focus towards this pathbreaking trend and encouraging the process of creating videos enriched in quality. In fact, the statistical reports are represented better in video infographics and customer case-studies are getting converted to live interviews that are published on the homepage of notable brands. Social media posts are no more limited to graphical designs with vibrant colours but even extended to cinematic videos that possess the attention-grabbing power of millions of viewers.


Barring the multiple advantages of video marketing, shooting high-quality videos might be an arduous task since it requires expensive devices such as video cameras, DSLRs, shooting lens etc. However, it is imperative to state that video is one of the most highly acclaimed types of content in this robust digital world that promotes emotional connectivity between the brand and the consumers. Video produces a pictorial representation of what is happening in the backdrop of your product, who are the people working day and night for your brand, how you celebrate the momentous events and how you are building a customer-friendly brand. All these initiatives help you in plugging the gap between your product and its takers.

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