9 web design mistakes your business should avoid

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A compelling website design is always necessary to draw the desired set of audience. If your website has a traditional design that is not adding value to your business, start thinking of an alternative. There is no guarantee that by draining money from your wallet, you will be able to bring enough traffic to your website. Apart from spending money on the look and feel of your web design, there are a number of ways to prevent the decline of traffic on your website.

Stop using immaterial design

Websites with flash design consume a lot of time to get loaded appropriately. Such websites are not optimizable for SEO as Google follows a stringent algorithm to block websites with flash functionality. Flash websites are single page websites that have minimal scope for optimization. Flash designs also hamper the loading speed of a website which in turn decreases the inbound traffic on your website.

Build a search engine friendly platform

SEO must be an important part of your digital strategy in order to improve the search engine rankings of your website. In spite of designing a great website, you might not be experiencing a satisfactory number of conversions from your website. With the ever-changing SEO demands of the search engines, you need to devise a constructive SEO and content strategy for your brand to gain more popularity among your audience. Your digital strategy should be fine-tuned for more tractions on your website.

Create a Browser Friendly website

It is not about sticking to your favourite browser and testing web pages in a biased manner. Your browser-centric approach must consist of displaying your website in multiple browsers. You never know from which browser you are going to get more traffic. So, you need to make your website customized for major browsers – like Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Don’t disable right click for visitors

It is a common web designing flaw that needs to be checked while designing a website. It irritates the visitors since they cannot open a link in a new tab or window. Visitors also face the trouble of copying and sharing useful links they come across while browsing your content. Thus, the traffic of your website is jeopardized by such malpractices since potential visitors get peeved since they fail to take a required action with the help of the right click. Even after disabling the right click, you will not be able to prohibit your content from being copied since the source code for the website is stuffed with valuable information.

Create responsive and mobile-friendly design

Since users are looking for the optimal experience, you need to have a website with the responsive design that has the potential to attract a large number of visitors. The whole world is going mobile, and customers are more on smartphones than on desktops. A customer’s wish in taking the desired action on your website is highly reliant on his visual experience. The design should be consistent across all the devices namely mobiles, laptops and tablets. A website with sensitive design makes a long-lasting impression in the minds of the customers. Your customers are more likely to transact on your website if they find the design of your website intuitive and user-friendly.

Proper usage of Call to Action Buttons

CTA buttons are crucial since they convince the visitors to take an action on your website or in simpler terms, CTA buttons help you in accomplishing your goals. Insertion of CTA buttons at right places of your website will help you in generating more leads. If you want to sell a product through your website, use Call-to-action buttons like ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Buy Now’, or ‘Order Now’. If you want to accumulate contacts of your potential customers, use CTA such as ‘Request a Quote’ or ‘Sign-up as our subscriber’. To fulfil your objectives, you should consider adding call-to-action buttons in all the major pages of your website that have the potential to generate business for you.

Increase the loading speed of pages

When the page load time increases, the bounce rate also faces a steep rise with immediate effect. Online users are more impatient than offline users and if your page is taking a few more seconds to load, they will leave. Hence, it is always advisable to build a website that has pages loading at lightning fast speeds. It would improve the performance of your website and your website will be ranked higher on search engines. Another way of reducing the loading speed of your web pages is by avoiding big-sized images, designs, and pop-ups.

Focus on website analytics

Designing a website without the inclusion of measurement tools is an expensive mistake in the modern era. You might have created a visually appealing website with all the necessary amenities but you have missed out on something extremely mandatory for its development. You need analytics to delve into the world of your website records such as the number of visitors, number of page visits, successful conversions etc. Data is the most powerful tool and once aggregated in order, it has the potential to create wonders for your website on digital platforms. You can easily optimize your marketing campaigns by testing, tracking, and adjusting the records.

By using Google Analytics, you can analyse progress and measure the success of your marketing efforts. Data is immensely powerful in the growth of your organization. Include tracking code in your web pages to gain better insights on how your users are engaging with the content of your website.

We all are learning new website tricks and tips to improve the quality of our website. If we are having flaws in our web design, we need to solve them immediately. Follow the aforesaid 9 hacks to create an enriching web experience for your visitors.

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