6 Ways to Use Your Smartphone Productively

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The smartphone is a sheer resemblance to advanced technology. This encapsulated device is not just a mere phone that bridges long-distance conversations but it has diverse applications. One can say that it is like an all-rounder that makes communications easy, plan daily activities, organises schedules, issues reminders for various important tasks, and performs functions that are directly associated with your daily life.

This multifunctional handheld device has become part and parcel of almost everyone’s life. The younger generation has more craze for a smartphone.

Is smartphone the need of modern generation?

The smartphone’s use has created an engaging hype in the society and the young people started getting addicted to it. Nowadays the users can’t think of their life without this technology-enabled device. That makes you think of whether the smartphone is as essential as it is deemed to be.

There are so many questions that need an answer in the context of smartphone use. Is our life unsustainable without a smartphone? Is smartphone good or bad for its users? Why we need a smartphone? Every innovation of technology has its pros and cons, and the smartphone is not the exception. The advent and use of smartphone offered a lot more comfort to its users, but this doesn’t mean that life is dull without having a smartphone. Our ancestors didn’t enjoy the advantages of technology, but they performed as efficiently as the present generation.

Technology is for ease and comfort so that we can perform our tasks with fewer efforts and in negligible time. A smartphone is an example of innovative technology that allows us to avail multiple benefits from a single device.

Is smartphone addiction good or bad?

It is a device that combines benefits of computer technology and internet technology in one portable box that can be carried anywhere and used when you need it. The purposeful applications of the smartphone have been misunderstood.

The smartphone is a very productive device when it is put to production applications. The smartphone addiction is useful to the extent its use is needed in life. The important for us is to understand why and when should we use a smartphone.

Adverse medical outcomes of smartphone addiction

The research studies in medical science have proved adverse outcomes of the consistent use of a smartphone, but this has failed to instigate potential smartphone users to abate its excessive use. The studies have demonstrated that excessive use of smartphone results in unhealthy living due to certain medical conditions.

The smartphone can ruin your life and may take your life by creating severe adverse medical conditions that can be deadly at some stage. Needless to mention about a brain tumour, cardiovascular risks, impotence, eye diseases, and more health-related problems caused by the use of smartphone use. Excess of everything is terrible, and one must understand this in his or her interest and also the for benefit of the family.

Discarding smartphone addiction

The issue is to what extent we need a smartphone and the use we make in our life. One can check the smartphone use by just considering it for productive purposes and prevent ill-effects caused by the excessive use of a smartphone. There is no parameter of optimacy because it depends to what extent you need to use a smartphone in your life.

You can keep the shut mouth of your smartphone for some time in a day and keep it away from your life as an initiative to avoid its addiction. That will be an excellent move to discard the unnecessary use of smartphone and thinking about its productive use. Let’s start thinking about productivity and productive use of a smartphone. Just think of the ways by which you can put your smartphone to productive use.

Ways to use smartphone productively

The smartphone is undeniably a useful device to deal with many issues of busy life in contemporary time because it saves a lot of time. To start with, the productive use of the smartphone seems something an unusual thing, but it is possible if you make best efforts.

  • The first important thing is to think of what you can avoid on your smartphone. You say goodbye to notifications by turning them off because they keep you irritating all the time. Now, you can better concentrate on other issues. You will say that notifications are an essential part of your smartphone use because they keep on reminding every time. This is true, but you can use some alternative or limit your notifications to the extent you need them in your life.
  • The next thing is to plan about the necessary purpose for which you may get the best help from your smartphone. Organizing your activities, setting your schedules, setting important communications, and dealing with other official issues through a smartphone is the best way to make its productive use. This is the most productive use of your mobile phone, and you can focus more on this.
  • You can save your lot of time on casual WhatsApp chats, hanging around on Facebook and other social media platform using your smartphone because this is not the productive use of your smartphone. These communications may be part of your social life but have no worth regarding the productivity of your smartphone. You may try some other way for social interactions.
  • You need to uninstall unnecessary Apps on your smartphone and avoid downloading of Apps that are not worthful. This will not only create additional storage in your smartphone, but it would help you in saving more files. The data you store for valuable purposes has more worth than worthless mobile apps.
  • You restrict your smartphone for relevant communications what you need to do from your smartphone when you’re not in your home or office where you can be contacted by other means like using a landline, etc.
  • The last but not least important is the use of Wi-Fi on a smartphone. No problem, if you have an unlimited plan but restrictive use will make your smartphone more productive, and you will save your time as well. You can have more productive communication when you restrict Wi-Fi use.

The above ways are suggestions that can be implemented with ease to make productive use of your smartphone. The productive use of smartphone not only saves your time but health as well. Think about it before it is too late.

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