6 Ways To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

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Although Content marketing is a relatively old form of marketing, it’s definitely one of the major forms of marketing for most online products and business in today world of big data.

Content marketing is all about giving information straight to your audience. But in order for this to be an actionable content marketing, your content should always be of importance (not just interest) to your audience. To some extent, it requires a content marketer to be at one with his audience.

Being a content marketer, your only aim would be to create more engagement among readers. To attain this, you must keep certain things in mind. Especially, content quality, Yes! The quality of the content is the factor that affects the most in gaining better engagement from the reader.

Storytelling is the best way to gain more and more engagement; you can make people complete the entire content with the help of a story. A better story with a high-quality content earns maximum share and attention of the reader.

For instance, a concept explained with a success story will be more engaging than the one which is not. A success story is a thing which attracts the mind of the reader. Along with it, the quality must be maintained.

You must use relevant content, content that is relative to your business. That can be the best technique to make the reader’s stay back on your content. As a content marketer, you might not be interested in making everyone read your content. You may be only concerned about your targeted audience.

All the content posted by you, must not necessarily be the best but it should just be attractive and find people should learn something out of it.

One must never think that they have wasted their time by reading your content. For instance, if you are selling software development services, you should include topics which affect your reader in some emotional way. You can pick topics like benefits of using software; common mistake people make while choosing a particular platform for developing their software, and many others.

Video is the most popular type of content on the Internet and companies can’t survive without it on the market. Videos are always better than plain text, and most of the marketers make video an integral part of their strategy. Here are six steps that help you create your video marketing strategy:

Tell a story about your business

Use introductory videos about your company, product video reviews, tutorials, walkthroughs, testimonials, and more to engage online customers;

Give exposure to your brand

Add visual watermark or logo to increase brand awareness. Consider branding video player with a custom logo or watermark that should give a visual representation of your business and also direct video viewers to a specified landing page directly from the video player.

Make your videos interactive with compelling CTAs

Calls-to-action and annotations help in the enhancement of your video content with text for better marketing achievements. A call-to-action looks like a simple phrase that appears at the specified time and attracts the attention of your video viewers. An eye-catching quote occurring at a particular point of a video motivate viewers to take certain actions in alignment with your business objectives.


Keep your content accessible

Video subtitles play a crucial role in making your content competitive and available to viewers at any time of a day. Let them enjoy watching your videos even when they are travelling. This visual element will help them to understand better the video, focusing their attention on the critical statements.

Collect email leads from video

Videos are highly functional tools in generating leads for your business and garner the attention of more and more customers. They are a reliable source of business leads since they become motivated to do business with you. When they are engaged with the content of your video, they will be more happy to learn about your business. You can add an email form directly to your videos so that you start accumulating contacts of your potential customers and send them business offers in the future.

Use Video Analytics to improve marketing results

Advanced Video Analytics is an extremely helpful tool for every business since it acts as a source of marketing intelligence. Apart from examining detailed video viewing stats, you can segregate them by video, domain, web page, and user location. These analytical tools also enable you to keep a record of which videos are engaging more with the audience and where exactly your viewers are landing. You’ll be surprised by the amount of personal information you can get about every video viewer: their country, IP address, web browser type, device, activity dates, engagement rate, and more details. Forwarding this data to your sales will let you improve your product offers and find more advanced marketing tactics.

Once you embed video to your website and it looks excellent for your business. Understanding audience persona is the call of the hour. Analyze the smart data and learn how your viewers are reacting to certain videos which help you to figure out which content is preferred better.


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