6 ways of increasing Facebook Page Likes

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6 ways of increasing Facebook Page Likes

Ever since the advent of a fierce competition among brands of various domains to institute a durable and resolute digital presence, Facebook has been the primary focus for social media marketing. Brands are using Facebook for their personalized set of objectives. Some brands are using for driving sales of their products, others are interested in branding through Facebook or driving the installation of mobile applications through Facebook.

But even before aggregating your efforts to boost your product sales or increase your brand awareness, what every brand needs to follow is to develop an audience on Facebook and then drive inbound traffic to their website. Traffic gets converted to leads and subsequently leads get converted to potential customers.

But how to increase your brand reach on Facebook? Aim at getting more likes and followers on your Facebook page. Your regular posts are only visible to your followers. Once someone has liked your Facebook page, he or she becomes a follower of your brand. Hence increasing the page likes on Facebook should be considered much before thinking about executing strong marketing campaigns on Facebook for leads and conversions.

 Here are six ways that are guaranteed to ensure an increase the number of page likes of your company or brand on Facebook.

Post compelling content

The primary objective of every brand on FB should be to increase the page likes before jumping into aggressive marketing activities. One way of gaining likes on FB is by consistently sharing valuable content that enriches the quality of your brand. Delivering posts that are catchy, crisp and sporadic will generate more engagements for you.

Start creating memes around your brand or the product you are selling, post videos of duration not more than 2-minutes, publish success stories of your brand through visual creatives.

Make your headlines striking and informative and create ad copies that include visually appealing videos and infographics.

Your FB fans might not be able to recall a particular post of your brand but if you constantly share quality posts with them, they will start engaging with your brand. Hence, there is an increased possibility of the audience to like and comment on your posts. Always remember high-quality content acts as the bridge between your brand and your followers. Once the followers come across your content on Facebook, they will feel fascinated and convinced to click, like, comment or share your posts.

To encourage more engagement from your followers, the consummate time for posting content on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are 12-3 PM on weekdays and 12-1 PM on weekends.

Insert Facebook Share and Like Button in your content

Start promoting your Facebook presence in all the major channels of your brand. Make the Facebook page discoverable to a wide range of audience.

If you maintain a website or blog embed the Facebook ‘Like’ button that allows the users to enjoy your content and share them on Facebook. With every blog, you can plug a Facebook share button that would enable the visitors to give vent to your invaluable content. Through such measures, your audience reach on Facebook will expand and you will soon experience an uptick in your Facebook Page Likes.

The Like Box can be pasted anywhere on the content and by performing this activity you are showcasing the number of FB page likes to your audience and also encouraging them to take the desired action by triggering the FB like button. Facebook provides an auto-generated code which you can implant on your website or blog and customize the button according to your preference.

Promote your Facebook posts both online & offline

Since you are focussed on improving your digital presence, platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter & Quora will help your Facebook page get the optimum exposure for likes and engagements.

Select a content piece from your Facebook timeline that has recorded the highest number of engagements from your followers. The content can be infographics, short videos, or even product & contest images.

Encourage social shares of your Facebook posts to increase your organic reach. A share also compels the other users to initiate a specific call to action on your page. Once your posts are shared by a specific section of your followers, the individuals in their respective network will equally feel convinced to share your content. It increases the credibility of your business as a whole.

People who are already associated with your brand request them to share your facebook with their contacts. Ask your employees to like your Facebook page and request them to send like invites to the people in their network. You can also mention the link of your Facebook profile in the necessary documents, pamphlets, and cards of your business to allow more people to like your Facebook page.

Organize a Facebook Contest

Contests remain a remarkable concept to keep your audience hooked to the content of your FB page. Whether it is a festive day or a weekend, hosting live contests is a fruitful tactic to reward your loyal followers.

One significant example of an FB contest could be ‘Answer & Win’ where you can ask a question to your followers and you promise them gifts if they answer the question correctly. Most of the e-commerce, retail and electronic brands are heavily relying on contests to interact more with the followers.

Create a Facebook Group

Consider promoting your Facebook page and posts in front of a vast audience. Such an initiative would generate adequate conversions or leads for your business.

A Facebook group gives a level playing ground to each and every company to establish their presence on Facebook. Start adding members to that group and ensure the integrity of the group by filtering the audience on a routine basis.

Conduct interactive sessions with the members of the group and post content to engage with them. Host and post events on your Facebook group and encourage your audience to participate in such initiatives.

Through interactions with your audience, there will be a mutual exchange of knowledge between your company and your followers. Such measures augment the process of gaining the trust of customers and foster a long-lasting relationship with them.

Run Ad Campaigns to bolster your presence

Just like Google AdWords, Facebook ad platform comes with a plethora of features that help you in optimizing your marketing efforts.

Showcase your brand in front of the ideal audience to generate more page likes and engagements.

Start posting systematically and boost them to ensure that your posts are seen by the audience beyond the reach of your brand. Your posts will also record engagements from your prevailing audience and boosting your post helps to expand the visibility of your post beyond your recurrent audience.

Facebook offers a type of campaign called a “Page Like campaign,” which is composed of a special CTA recommending the followers to like your Facebook Page. These ads typically appear in the News Feeds of the users or in the right-aligned ad column of your browser window.

Since the sole objective of the campaign is to increase page likes, your ads will be exposed to a massive range of audiences to increase the number of posts or page likes.

Facebook has a comprehensive targeting feature that targets the suitable buyer personas for your business and expands the visibility of your brand.

Experts always believe that organic likes on Facebook help in driving tractions for your business but if you have the budget for paid advertising, you can certainly opt for Facebook Ads to gain more likes in a comparatively shorter duration of time.

Apart from the above six ways, you can also seek help of the Facebook Insights feature to gain a better perspective on how the Facebook algorithm works. It provides you with an exhaustive view of your current audience, ROI of every post, average reach and engagement, and other standardized details. With every granular detail at your discretion, it becomes more facile for you to schedule your marketing activities for the future.

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