6 SEO techniques to Dominate 2018

  • January 11, 2018
  • SEO
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SEO techniques will be transforming in the coming year, 2018 for sure. The SEO strategies for 2018 will improve the site traffic and ranking. Executing these trends lead for any industry will come up with full confidence. There are some 6 main trends in the SEO that are becoming successful in the business strategy


Mobile Optimization

There are lakhs of doing search of various activities on their cell phone. Most of the research done online is on mobile devices. The people are using various devices like Smartphones, tablets, Smart watches, laptops, etc. As the Mobile-First Index in 2018 will come up the mobile optimization will become a necessity. It will become compulsory to make all the websites mobile friendly to get high ranking in SEO and make the search easy.

Content Aggregation

Content aggregation is mainly in which the content has to be collected by the blogger, editors etc who work on the site.  This collection includes posts, articles, videos, info graphics, etc., related to a topic displayed at one place.  Clients and customers are more inserted in informative content on a specific topic.

Videos Will Be Ruling

It is observed that more than 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day as people know that entertain visitors and engage them. It is seen that google has started giving preference to combined content which can include content, videos, info graphics, etc.

Enabled Voice Search

All searches will be voice searches by 2020, as per the statistical report. Voice search these days has become popular because it has removed the typing pain in search boxes. The long-tail keywords are likely to be spoken rather than typed by the users and so will help your website to rank while the user does the voice search.

Local SEO To Become More Significant

Local SEO is becoming important encouraging the digital marketers to emphasize on a local tangent. It is observed that 72% of consumers, who did a local search, visited a store within 5 miles. One must see to it that location specific keywords execution is done and personalized content is written depending on the audience that are targeted in the SEO words.

The Growing Craze Towards Mobile Apps

Smart phone users have increases incredibly in the country and so are the mobile app users. The apps have made many tasks easier then the app page ranks on the top.  The brand will also get the same benefit, but ensure that you include App Store Optimization (ASO).

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