5 Ways to Provide Flawless Customer Support on Twitter

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With the advent of technology, the traditional methods of communication have taken a backseat, and the world is moving towards a more digitised way of conversation at a very rapid pace. For any of the company, customer support is an essential component of their success. Better communication with your customer means better results for your organisation.

When it comes to customer support, various tools are available on the internet to complement it. However, Twitter will stand out to be one of the best tools for supplementing customer support in a more easeful and productive manner.

Here are the 5 ways in which you can enhance your customer support through Twitter:

1. Have a separate customer support account

Running a successful business is not an easy task. Well-defined policies are needed to run your customer support service successfully. Thus, maintaining a separate account, strictly for answering to the consumer questions will surely help your business to attain new heights.

By maintaining a separate customer support account, you can eliminate the risk of queries send by several people remain unanswered or unaddressed.

One of the primary reasons why one should have a separate customer support account is people can interact with you in real time and a much faster rate. With it, you can tweak in your business strategy based on what the people are saying about your brand.

2. Conduct a Poll

Without conducting a poll, your business cannot get the desired results and feedback you were expecting in any of the ways. Polls are beneficial in a number of ways to let you know, what people think about your product? What are their feedbacks? Do they like your service?

In addition to all of these, Twitter polls will help you in getting an increase in the number of followers on your twitter account. More followers mean more poll reviews you can gather, analyse them and build your next marketing strategy in future.

The following are the top ways of using the Twitter polls to maximise your profits:

  • First of all, knowing the USP (Unique selling proposition) of your products.
  • Finding out the customer’s requirements.
  • Finding out what are the actual issues of the customers
  • Discovering different product desires of the customers.

3. Asking for a feedback

Feedback is the most essential component in running a successful business. Just selling the products to the customers without asking for their feedback will surely leave you in vain and broke.

Asking for feedback from your customer s will surely make them feel valued, and they will come to you, the next time they want to buy any kind of product or services. With the acquisition of feedback in your business model, it will eventually increase your sales to a drastic level.

Customer feedback cards from Twitter have made it far easier for many businesses to ask for the feedback from their customers. However, if you want the Customer feedback card, your company must be approved.

Two questions can be asked on a customer feedback card.

  • A customer satisfaction question
  • Net Promoter question

Asking these two questions smartly can help you use the Customer feedback cards in a better way.

4. Twitter Listening

For the successful running of a business, you should know what the customers are saying about your business. Twitter Listening can be a great way to know as to what the customers are telling about your products or services.

You need to keep an eye on different answered queries of the customers to know who mentions your brand name, who replies to your tweets, who sends you Dm’s and many more things should be taken into consideration.

Some of the useful Twitter listening tools are MentionMapp, Warble, Tweetreach, and Twilert.

5. Monitor Twitter Search

Every time, people will not talk about your products. In fact, there are more things to be taken into consideration while establishing a successful business.

People can talk about your recent products, your CEO, your employees or your website domain.
Thus, you will need to track each and every detail of your business talking to know where your business is heading.

Twitter search is worth your time and efforts, and it will surely benefit your business to a great extent.
Finally wrapping up all things, Twitter is one of the most powerful tools to boost up the customer support, and it will surely help you in generating some nail-biting revenues for your business.

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