5 Reasons Why Cold Calling Is Dead and Digital Marketing is the Future?

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It is seen that the digital marketing has taken over the cold calling system. The cold calling is almost dead now. People don’t prefer the cold calling now, they are not comfortable in answering calls from unknown numbers and strangers. There are some inevitable reasons that can be seen that people avoid picking the calls –

One does not find a valid reason to call back as you don’t know who the person is calling you. People expect that quality advisors will not be cold calling as they will be busy.

Online views increasing – Digital marketing is the future as all the people are seen online now a days. People are online from mobile also and so they prefer digital marketing. There is no restriction when it comes to demography or language. All age group people prefer to search online.

Trust – There is a trust factor in digital marketing which is not there in calling, this is the reason why people are turning to digital marketing. Customers get more attracted if one has social media presence that give a proof of there being honest and trust worthy. You can increase the trust with the help of social blogs.

Cost effective- Cold calling is cheaper is a misconception but actually the digital marketing is cheaper and takes less time and energy also. It gives faster results too.

Reach becomes broad- Digital marketing do not have any demographic limitations, it can go anywhere. It is like viral marketing when one reads it he/she spreads the word to others and it gets into the minds of all and increases the chances of getting the profits.

Comfort zone – Digital marketing, can provide social proof via testimonials and case studies to the customers.  This content is very useful and helps in lead generation.

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