5 excellent tools for people who are willing to work from home in India

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When you want the buck to stop with you, run your own business instead of working for someone else. Today, most of the successful digital professionals choose to work as freelancers ditching their traditional desk jobs. The number of people who are willing to work from home is far increasing than ever before. It is crucial to be updated with all the latest technologies if you really want to get into remote jobs. Some of the work from home jobs include content writing, graphic designing, virtual assistant, customer service representative, data entry and more.

Feeling challenged to stay in the loop with the co-workers at your office? It is highly essential for the remote workers to have a successful work life with some advanced work from home tools that are highly productive. Cleverly, employees ought to found a beneficial way to earn for their bread and butter without having to commute. The career paths of the work from home professionals vary diversely. Some use their home as a freelancing office or as their part-time work while the other group tries to rent a co-working space and start working from there. There is a huge crisis of jobs in India and if you are an entry level fresher it becomes more difficult to get a job that perfectly matches your desire. There are plenty of job sites where millions of freshers involve themselves in job searches every single day. But going by the recent market trends, if you are not getting a job that is in alignment with your expertise, you can deicde to work from home in India.

Best ‘work from home’ tools

Mostly, work from home entrepreneurs’ looks for some free online tools or the cheapest tools available on the web. But experienced solopreneurs realised to the fact that it is always better to pay for the reliable services than to stick around. It is efficient to work from home, but they are equally indefinable concerning productivity. Technology is to be thanked for giving productivity tools that enable the worker who works remotely to feel at ease.

Scroll down to the five excellent tools for people who are working online from home. These productivity tools help the professionals to make the selection of the best apps out there. To be very honest there are far more to explore. So don’t hesitate to search and try them out for yourself. Proper research can help you to stick with the best among the rest that fits all your business needs. Let’s have a glance now!!


The most popular time management app that is available on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. This application allows you to make notes, capture the photos to save as a note, create checklists, and the user can even record voice notes. This is the perfect replacement for the Post-it Notes and the voice recorders that you use to set as a reminder to accomplish a pre-designed task. These can be conveniently synced across your devices. With Evernote synced in mobile and your personal computer, it works excellent among the team members. If you have your information synced in your mobile phone either in Android or iOS, you can easily access it from the computer. This app is free up to two devices, more than two it’s a paid subscription.

Team viewer

With TeamViewer, it is possible to log into computers remotely for the most of the executives who are willing to work from home in India. Teamviewer makes the whole process simple and trouble free. Wherever you happen to be, you can easily access the files and applications on your own home computer. In olden days, these are made possible with particular settings in your operating system and by messaging with the forwarding of IP.

Google Calendar

The most efficient and straightforward productivity tool that manages the schedules of the people who work online from home is Google Calendar. When this app is set it up right, it can be the hub for your business to stay on top and rock the world no matter where you were. These can be used as the project management app, task manager app, or as the custom relations app. Google calendar is compatible with all devices with free of cost and is easily accessible.


The most popular office suite and the operating systems have some kind of cloud storage solution called Dropbox. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and web. OneDrive and iCloud are the twinkles in the eyes of Microsoft and Apple in terms of Cloud backup. In spite of all this Dropbox has mastered the file backup and the sync routine. This acts as the central repository of all the files stored in the cloud as the backup and are accessible anywhere from the web. Dropbox users who are operating from the home office can share their files and folders across the web. This is the most essential tool for working with remote teams. The industry standard of Dropbox is robust as it works virtually on all devices.


One task manager app that you will never want to skip on is Todoist. It works with various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and also as a web extension cross all platforms. It aids full time, home-based employees like you to remove the clutters in the workplace and to manage all your projects with a to-do list. One good speciality of this app is that this works offline being an online app to make you access anytime you need. Whenever an important project is on due, you can also set the reminders and get notified on time. This app keeps track of that tasks that you have already completed and the ones that are still pending completion.

Instead of tackling the various stressful aspects of working in an office, some productivity tools help people to work from home in India without any obstacles. This is a compiled list of work from home tools that help you in accomplishing your task at ease. These work from home softwares are more or less similar but they are different from each other in terms of the user interface and design. These work from home tools will help to stay profitable and also focused towards the goals.

With the right combination of tools, professionals who are planning to work from home in India can make their process easy and productive. Many of these tools are free, and you are not expected to spend any of your fortunes whereas some tools are worth the pay for its features. There is this whole slew of apps that makes you convenient to work with, but these are our favourites. What next? Search for more open source work from home apps to avail the useful features that support the work from home professionals.

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