4 Reasons Why WordPress is A Preferred Website Builder for Designers

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WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management System available for developing your website. WordPress is an SEO Friendly Website Builder which makes it a popular website development platform. Even with the layman knowledge, you can build your website without the assistance of a Website Developer. You may not be a programming expert in WordPress, but with the basic understanding, you can develop a fully functional WordPress website from scratch.

WordPress is an open source platform that has a massive market of Free Plugins, Free Themes, Free Images and other resources that help you in developing a Corporate or a Basic Blog Website in just a few hours. There are beginners guide videos on YouTube that will help you in designing your first website on WordPress. However, custom coding and styling customisation, you can make your WordPress Website secured, robust and visually appealing.

Key Reasons Why WordPress Makes the Most Popular Website Builder

SEO Friendliness

WordPress Website is implanted with an SEO Friendly Framework that helps your website in getting indexed in leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. One of the most famous SEO friendly Plugins that increase the searchability of your Web pages & Blogs is Yoast SEO. This plugin also helps in Sitemap Submission & Robots.txt Setup. Using this plugin, you can optimise your website and rank high in search engine result pages on Google.

User-friendly Backend

WordPress is reputed for its operational simplicity and easy-to-use backend. With elementary knowledge about the CMS, you can log in to your WordPress Backend and create pages, optimize the blogs, makes changes to the content & upload images which help you to increase traffic to your website.

Customisation as Per Requirement

Another excellent reason for developing a WordPress Website is its offered facility in providing the theme, CSS, plugin, etc. You can customize the website as per your need to make it more powerful and secure.

Availability of Free Plugins

WordPress is that one CMS platform that has a huge storehouse of plugins that can increase the usability of your website, enhance its security, facilitate CSS customisation, speed up the mobile pages, activate website caches, and make your website socially shareable. There are some paid plugins too which make your website highly optimised for search engines.

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