4 Latest SEO Trends To Enhance Your Blog

  • January 23, 2018
  • SEO
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Digital marketing is becoming famous these days as all people want are digital today and the influence of digital is increasing. SEO content is the main concept to make digital marketing a success. Paid advertisements and social media are the other things used to drive the traffic on the websites. SEO agency in Mumbai can help to do the same.

Latest 4 trends to enhance company blog to increase the profits are-

Knowledge Graph:

This is a new concept that is followed by google for most of its queries. When one goes through the knowledge graph for the organization he/she will get all the knowledge of that particular business in details. Knowledge graph feature was launched by Google in 2012 and gain its importance around 2016.  In the knowledge graph, when any person searches for something then based on semantic or related searches Google display the answer of the search enquiries above all the results. The best knowledge graph will be achieved when one provides all the query and information very clearly.


Another advanced feature provided by goggle search engine is schema mapping, under this websites provide star rating feature that any user can use to rate your website and products provided on the same.  It provides star rating and helps in increasing CTR of the web page. This also helps in getting the trust of visitors that help to bring conversions. It can be easily applied on WordPress and other websites based upon Content Management systems using plugins. Also if the website is custom built then you can apply schema using schema.org.


Business weather it is offline or online needs to get the map listing, it is very essential part of digital marketing. Map listing is necessary for both the sides that is user point of view and search engines. When the business is listed on goggle maps it gets the reliability in the eyes of search as well that helps in increasing the rankings. One can also get a link from Google maps that is very helpful for off page SEO.


From around 2015 the page size also started affecting the search engine presence of website. Any page that is heavy size would not load easily that hamper the user experience. All the search engines for the last few years are very focused upon providing top user experience to its users. Many tools are there that can help you to optimize the user experience. SEO for the website can make sure that these terms in order to optimize website properly.

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